Video: The Destructive Power of Lashon Hara on the Internet


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  1. this video reminds me of the woman from monsey that reportedly was suing because her 24 hour make-up didn’t last the full 24 hours. only trouble was… the story wasn’t true.

  2. This skit insults everyones intelligence a situatio0n were a rebbi picks up and delivers an order never ever happenes,no one beleives this scenario its all bube maises shame on you.

  3. Excellent. Right on the button!

    If someone is agitated with a ty’na, they should be open about it with the party concerned, or consult with a gadol or lose themselves in a sefer

  4. I am amused at the various responses. Regardless if it silly or not true we need not react but internalize the message, like any story or even spoof it is a time of year that anything we read see or hear should make us reflect on our behavior any actions.


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