Video: The Belzer Rebbetzin Shedding Tears in Tefillah After Making Bracha on Challah


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  1. I fully agree with anon #2.

    Where is our sense of tznius? Eidelkiet? Why does everything a Gadol or Rebbitzen do have to be publicized with pictures and video’s???

  2. I am so glad that others have written what I said to my husband after I saw the video the other day. I feel so validated. The video was probably made for a family member and has now been publicized. It hurts me to see this type of very private tefillah be made public. Please remove this.

  3. I disagree with the above comments, this Video is good for All of the Klal to see.
    especially for the women out there, buying challa for Shabbos, because they are too busy.

    Rebbetzin is a Tsaddekes. Her tears bring Kapporah to the Klal, and the ones that are mehalel Shabbos in particular.

  4. Under normal circumstances I would oppose this type of videos…However Just like the video of the chofetz chayim seen has a necessary impact in our generation.

    However a repetition of these type of videos would be a big mistake.

    In a world where women have become so “liberated” from the profound and holy mission of a Jewish mother is necessary to create a visible response.

    I would like to see also a video of a woman in the religious neighborhoods explaining her desire and commitment to tzenius as well as the convenience in sitting in the back of the bus for all those that compare us to muslim practice.

  5. the belzer rebetzin has helped so many people and is loved by all. may she live till 120 and continue inspiring the women of klal yisroel


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