Video: Six-Year-Old Yeshiva Boy Holds Fundraising Concert For His Zaida


yosef-nider-and-grandfather[Video below.] A concert organized by a six-year-old boy was held in Vancouver to raise money for a very worthy cause. Yosef Nider decided that he had to do something on a grand scale when he learned he was going to lose his beloved grandfather to pancreatic cancer.

The concert took place on February 26. Yosef plays the violin and was the main performer in the show he arranged.

Yosef has raised $6,000 so far and wishes to present his donations to a cancer scientist to buy equipment.

Click below to watch:

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  1. I assume from the picture that the school is the Vancouver Talmud Torah,which is a day school.Yasher Koach to Yosef .

  2. Yosef attends Vancouver Hebrew Academy, Under the direction of Rabbi Don Pacht, and Rabbi Eliezer Durden. Kol Hakavod!

  3. Thank you everyone for the kind words. The school is Vancouver Hebrew Academy. And thank you to all for the support!


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