Video Shows Islamic Jihad Digging New Gaza Terror Tunnels


tunnelThe Palestinian terror group Islamic Jihad is reportedly digging new tunnels on the Gaza border in order to “get ready” for the next battle with Israel.

In a video that aired on the Qatari satellite TV network Al-Jazeera, a correspondent was given access to new terror tunnels that Islamic Jihad is digging.

In the video, which was translated by Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Islamic Jihad terrorists can be seen digging, as well as dragging dirt and other supplies such as concrete, to construct the new tunnels.

“What is remarkable about this tunnel is that it has been dug recently,” the Al-Jazeera reporter says. “As you can see, it is still being dug.”

One of the masked Islamic Jihad terrorists, who was interviewed while digging the tunnel, claims that the tunnel’s construction began immediately after a cease-fire with Israel was declared late last month.

The reporter, who says the tunnels are located in the “border area,” then asks the Islamic Jihad terrorist why he is building them.

“We are getting these tunnels ready for the next battle, in order to launch attacks and fire mortars and artillery. These tunnels will also have other uses, which we will not disclose,” the terrorist says.

The Al-Jazeera reporter also visits another “attack” tunnel purportedly used by terrorists to fight Israeli tanks and soldiers who enter the area.

Israel destroyed more than 30 terror tunnels dug underneath the Israel-Gaza border during its recent military campaign.


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