Video: Horseplay in Lakewood EMT Vehicle


lakewood-ambulance2[Video below.] Lakewood, NJ, Township officials are reviewing a video clip posted on the Internet that apparently shows an ambulance and another emergency medical service vehicle being used for joyrides through a snow-covered parking lot. The clip, posted on the car-enthusiast Web site and later taken down, is a little more than three minutes long and appears to depict the two vehicles purposely being driven erratically in the parking lot of the BlueClaws stadium at Cedar Bridge and New Hampshire avenues during a heavy snowstorm. The video, according to the Web site, was posted by a user on March 3, a day after up to a foot of snow fell in the area. The video carries the title “Cops Drifting in Snow!!!” but it shows an EMS squad car equipped with overhead lights, not a police car.

Township Manager Frank Edwards said he was made aware of the video by EMS supervisor Scott Carter and has asked for a written report of the known facts of the video. After receiving the report, Edwards said, he and a labor lawyer will review the video and determine whether any action will be taken against squad members.

“Beyond that, it’s a personnel matter, and I’m not going to comment,” Edwards said.

Carter, who is in charge of the paid department, could not be reached for comment.

The video was filmed at night and appears to have been recorded from inside another car parked in the snow-covered lot. Set to a music soundtrack, much of the filmed action focuses on the sedan sharply turning and spinning out across the snow.

At one point, a passenger from the front seat of the ambulance trades places with the driver of the sedan and begins another series of spins and slides. The video closes with a shot of the ambulance spinning in a tight circle before drifting out of view.

To watch the video, click below:


{Matt Pais-APP/ Newscenter}


  1. I wonder how they’re going to explain these antics away. Apparently, brains aren’t important when it comes to joining the LPD.


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