Video: Shloime Daskal Sings Hit Song “Ribon Ha’olamim”


In the following video, Yisroel Lamm conducts a 25 piece orchestra, playing “Ribon Ha’olamim,” accompanied by the Yedidim Choir, at the Reichberg & Schonberger wedding at Ateres Chaya Hall in Boro Park, Brooklyn.

In this Aaron Teitelbaum Production with sound by SolveTech, Shloime Daskal sings this song composed by Pinchos Breier and dirst recorded by Avraham Fried.

The composer’s son, Yehuda Leib, was married to Esther a few months ago and this song was a gift to the chosson and kallah.

The words are a beautiful prayer written by Rav Mayer’l of Apt zt”l, stating, “No matter how much time and effort I invest in whatever I am doing, without help from Hashem, there’s no chance for any success.”

The words are:

רבון העולמים ידעתי, כי הנני בידך לבד כחומר ביד היוצר, ואם גם אתאמץ בעצות ותחבולות וכל יושבי תבל יעמדו למיני להושיעני ולסמוך נפשי מבלעדי עוזך ועזרתך אין עזרה וישועה


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