Video: Security Officers Beat Chareidim Mercilessly in Ashkelon in Animalistic Fashion


ashkelon-police[Video below.] The following video has many people up in arms, as it shows guards at the site of the Barzilai graves in Asheklon brutally beating those who had gathered to protest grave desecration. Leah Malul, a spokeswoman for the hospital in Ashkelon, responded that the “guards were carrying out their duties.”

This response came from Ms. Malul even after she watched the video below, which was filmed by a journalist on the scene.

Deputy Mayor of Ashkelon Shimon Cohen said that he was horrified by what he saw on this video and called for the chief of police of Ashkleon to launch an investigation into what happened there.

“Needless to say,” he said, “this is a gross trampling of democracy in Israel.”
Following the incident, the CEO of the company that provides security services to Barzilai Medical Center published an official statement saying that the officer responsible for that security shift has been taken off his post until an investigation into the actions is performed.

Click below to watch:

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 {Yair Israel}


  1. The police most certianly behave like chayos hasodeh, they are probably not Yidden. A yid could not do such a thing. I am horrified. No wonder they are called Nazis.

  2. These people are resisting arrest. They are preventing the building of an emergency room,
    they are wasting man power hours and increasing state costs. If they tried doing this elsewhere the would have been pepper- sprayed or tazeredand then arrested and put into the system with hardened criminals.
    These people are getting what they deserve.

  3. I have a great idea about how to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future.. Stop the protesting. This way no one gets hurt.

    What about the grave desecrations? My answer is ‘What desecrations’? Those graves were determined to be gentile graves by the Rabbanut.

    Let’s face it, these guys were looking for a fight and they got one. Now they can all say look how even the Chilonim are. It’s a win/win for them.

    If I were Matzav I would ignore the whole thing. The publicity just encourages them to do it again.

    Besides thsi protest was after the fact anyway… wasn’t it? Doesn’t this prove that their protest was more about generating publicity than it was about Nivul HaMmes?

    This does not excuse the behavior of those security guards. They were obviously wrong here. Hopefully they will be punished by the legal system. But the whole thing could have been avoided.

  4. The headline is inaccurate and misleading. One security guard kicked the protester several times, and should be prosecuted because it was absolutely an uncalled for assault. The other guards, however, simply moved the protesters, without violence, so it was 1 security officer, not plural, and while violent, several kicks is not beating mercilessly in an animalistic fashion.

  5. 1)these weren’t police they were security guards

    2)many police in israel who carry out brutality are indeed NOT JEWISH.

    3)suggestions like “don’t protest and u wont get hurt, sort of MISSES THE POINT. Whether or not protesting i called for DOES NOT EXCUSE BRUTALITY AND ABUSE.

    4)there were false reports that protesters threw rocks when it NEVER HAPPENED1

  6. SHELDON: You are probably unaware that those bones the protesters were protestesting against ‘upgraving’ were YOUR grandfathers!!!! Does it feel different now???

  7. 1) The video does not show the context. It does not show what happened before this recording started, which is important to know in order to understand what happened. This didn’t just happen out of nowhere. You are irresponsible to post it without the context of the incident.

  8. the people writing those messages are just a bumch of left eing people that should go wright comments on sites made for those self hating jews

  9. I was under the impression that the Nazis tried to exterminate the jews and were succesful in killing over six million. i didnt realize they only kicked and beat up a few. Thanl you #2 for pointing out that these people are “no different than nazis ym”s,”

  10. To Mr. Goldstein,

    These bones are not my Grand father’s and not your Grandparents. If anything they are remnants of pagans.
    That being said. We are talking about a hospital emergency room. This is Pikuach Nefesh at its’ essence and core.

  11. These guys are making a huge chillul hashem and they deserve more then a kick..this was not brutality, as you can see, they are grabbing on to each other to make it harder on the officer’s to remove them, so the officer kicks his hand to seperate them…if you ask me, the officer shows restraint by his actions not brutality.

    I think its pathetic for MATZAV to make a headline out of this!

  12. GOLDSTEIN, these bones are not my grandparents nor are they yours. They are pagan. At the end of the day this is for construction of a hospital ER. This is Pikuach Nefesh at its’ core. These protesters deserve worse than what they got. Shame on Them and You.

  13. yankel di shoite youre fowling youre own nest that means youre hatefull of youre own comparing a jew to natzis is as bad as the natzis themselfs if you dont see that then youre retardet

  14. what the protesters do is according to the Chufetz Chaim, or the chazon Ish, the Chasam Sofer, the Bal Shem Tov or who?
    This is a new way that has no base in the torah history.

  15. I’m discusted. whats even worse are the commentators defending the beatings. Dont wonder the next time “israel” gets spoken on by the world, in the same fashion you speak aboput the beaten her after the next flotilla-type incident.

    THEY ARE RESISTING ARREST. WHY DON”T YOU TRY THE SAME TACTICS IN THIS COUNTRY. SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU. Not only are you being foolish, but your animosity to “israel” is quite apparent. This puts you in the category of a Jewish Soney Yisrael. Time to do Tshuva.

  17. It didn’t seem that bad. It was couple of small kicks. you are blowing this way out of proportion! throwing them out of Kush Katif was worse.


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