Video: Sea Gate Still Battling Weeks After Sandy


sea-gate-hurricane-sandy[Video below.] You may have heard about the tremendous outpouring of chessed which was on display last Sunday in Sea Gate. Over 350 volunteers from many different places – Baltimore, Brooklyn, Lakewood and even Israel – came to Sea Gate to help the people living there begin to get their homes back into shape. It was a tremendous Kiddush Hashem arranged by Chasdei Lev.

The askonim involved put together a 12 minute video presentation to show people how Sea Gate looks and the work of the volunteers to hopefully get people to realize how bad the situation is there.

Click below to watch:

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  1. In such an Eis Tzoroh when we see the power of the creator, we must be extra careful to show Hashem that we worry and want to help every single Human Being, we don’t care whether the hurricane victim was born to Yiddishe Mother or not.
    Then we can hope that HKB”H should never-again bring onto us any Holocausts or any Hamas.

  2. To #1

    I would add, that we should recognize and respect, the extraordinary acts of kindness that was done by Non Jews as well, to all their fellow citizens.
    The evacuation of the hospitals and other areas were done by marvelous men.

  3. Not to belittle the Chesed i think the efforts and resources should be moving the families that their houses are on the beach its a brocho levatoloh to rebuild them there and have it happen again C’V

  4. When we use the word Creator to refer to G-d, we capitalize the ‘c’. Certainly if we decided to capitalize human beings or people.

  5. I was there in Seagate for three days the devastion was terrible but the Families that live there are very special people they will rebuild beacuse the Seagate Community is like one big Mishpacha thats is what impressed me the most when the owner of a house tells you not to get emotionly involved and you cant help yourself what can you do but learn fron this community

  6. chasdai lev, we in sea gate have no words to describe our heartfelt thanks for the help you guys gave us. Many in the community including myself had tears when we saw the hundreds of Jews marching into sea gate to help us. We didn’t know where to turn for help, and chasdai lev you guys sent us the oxygen needed for us to continue. We would like to thank every volunteer that showed up all the way from Baltimore, NJ, Manhattan, and all over brooklyn to help a brother in need. The part that personally touched me the most was seeing the achdus in klal yisroel. Yidden from all backrounds, chasidim, litvish, sefardim, modern orthodox, and all the organizations were working hand in hand together. May we continue to have achdus in klal yisroel and care for one another for a zechus for klal yisroel and particular eretz yisroel and may we be zocha ro bring moshiach tzidkainu bemhaira beyomainu


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