Video: Rubio Mocks Trump’s Spelling, Age, Sweat


Marco Rubio continued to pounce on Donald Trump this morning after the pair sparred during the CNN Republican presidential debate Thursday evening.

The Florida senator showed a reinvigorated sense of fight during the debate, calling out and insulting Trump for a variety of hypocrisies on immigration, the Affordable Care Act, and financial disclosures, the Daily Beast reports.

This morning, Trump took to Twitter with a typo-laden rant against Rubio and his rival proceeded to mock those errors during a morning rally. Citing tweets in which Trump misspelled “choker” as “chocker,” “honor” as “honer,” and “lightweight” as “leightweight,”

Rubio joked to the crowd about his rival’s age and backstage “meltdowns” during the debate. “Just like Trump Tower,” Rubio mocked, “he must have hired a foreign worker to do his own tweets.”

{ Newscenter}


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