Video: Rubashkin – Why Should You Care?


rubashkin1[Must watch video below.] Regular readers of are well-versed in the case of Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, whose plight we’ve covered extensively. But there are still those out there who are not aware that they, too, can help prevent an injustice from occurring when Sholom Mordechai is sentenced next week. Be sure to share the video below with them.

The following video has just been released to explain, in brief, the travesty of justice that Sholom Mordechai has faced. The video production was donated by JabMedia and the video was edited by Gabe Geller.

Click below to watch:

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Please continue to daven for Reb Shalom Mordechai ben Rivkah.

Significant funds must still be raised for the legal defense. Anyone who can help out and lend support should take a moment to send a donation to the Pidyon Shvuyim Fund. The help of Yidden across the globe is severely needed.

You can easily donate by clicking on the following link:


Alternatively, you can mail contributions to:

Pidyon Shvuyim Fund

53 Olympia Lane

Monsey NY 10952

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  1. some one should leave a number were to donate for this also i think that our comunity should start a email chain saying i donated $36 and call my freinds follow lets go

  2. Honestly speaking is there anything we can do?
    The punishment doesn’t fit the crime and I sympathize but really what else can we do?

  3. sholom Rubashkin has been treated harshly and vindictively in a prosecution that is likely to go down in history as a shameful permanent stain on American Justice.

    Concerned Americans who wish to communicate their respectful concern over the handling of the Rubashkin case are urged to sign the online petition and contact the Justice Department – Office of Intergovernmental and Public Liaison at 202-514-3465 or (
    Do not email or call Judge Reade!

    Those who call and email Judge Reade, despite repeated and clear instructions not to do so, are hurting Sholom Rubashkin.

    Under no circumstances should anyone have any contact with Judge Reade or her chambers!

    Taken from
    please go on and sign the link
    they need 36,000 we already have
    over 34.000 so you can make a

  4. I think if a production was made on this travesty of justice, it should of been much more powerful than the video is.
    Although I feel bad for his family and I’m sure he is an extremely kind person who has done much good, it is irrelelevant to the case.

    There is so much injustice done here with relevant facts that I don’t know where to start.
    1. No owner of a company that was raided for illegal workers was ever jailed, only Rubashkin was, and when the government couldn’t find proof that he knew that they were illegal workers they tried to pin on different crimes instead of releasing him.
    2. No one was ever prosecuted for late payment of cattle. In fact most people in Iowa never knew this law existed.
    3.Sholom Rubashkin did not steal from the bank any money – the governmant caused the Agriprocessor plant to go bankrupt and therefore he couldn’t continue paying back the loan to the bank. It’s the government themselves who caused Rubashkin not to be able to pay back the laon.
    4.So we are left with the charge of trying to get a loan fraudently which a. the federal government has never indicted any individual for giving wrong information to a bank to obtain a loan, why only Rubashkin and b. does it make sense that a person should get a lifetime in jail for lying when getting a loan?

    These are the facts that should’ve been in the video.

  5. The mailbox at the justice system is full. Is there any other number we can call to leave a message for Eric Holder? Please anyone, if you are aware of another number, please let the tzibur know.

  6. I am saying Tehillim 11-20 everyday, bli neder, until the sentencing trial. If anyone wants to join, please add a comment of which Tehillim you will say until the sentencing.

    For others who are unable to commit a certain amount of kapitlach at least say kapitlach 20, 51, and 150.

    We should only hear good news.

  7. I do care about Acheynu Benei Yisroel, who hardly post on matzav or elsewhere. Acheynu: have you cholila given up????? Remember, afilu cherev chadah, munachas al tzavoro shel odom, al yimnah me’lehispalel.
    As far as this reshante Reade is concerned, by the mere fact that she does not want emails or mail, that in itself, show you her true color.
    Zol zee paygeren un brenen in gehenom.

  8. Not everything is a plot. The mailbox is full. It happens. If you got all of those messages, your mailbox would be full, too.

    Frankly, I think inundating them with messages is a tactical error. Most of the messages scream about how unfair this is and anti-Semitism. They make us look ridiculous. I don’t even think they’ll make a difference at this point. The sentencing has been decided. He and his lawyers did their best. What happens will happen. Time to devote your energy to others that need all your help and effort. I’m sure at this point, even Sholom Rubashkin, being such a generous man as you say, would support you spending your time, money and energy on those who so desperately need it out there.

  9. #13:
    If Sholom were your brother (and HE IS!!!) would you just say that it’s enough?
    If a member of your family would be in trouble chas v’sholom, would you be so complacent? If you are lazy then fine, but don’t stop others!!

    We don’t have to shout antisemitism but if we are told to call, then do so but do it peacefully and just say that he does not deserve life imprisonment. that’s all.

  10. # 13
    I hope you are not someone I know or ever have to rely on you for help but I do pity anyone that has to rely on you.

    I do believe you have to work on your middah of rachmanus and quick.

  11. # 13 shame on you.
    I wonder if you are a Yid?
    If you are, a bigger shame on you.
    Let me tell you what I think about the word anti-semitism being used.
    If we would all take off our kid gloves, then the real criminals in this case would be exposed. And trust me: they ARE anit-semites.
    Incidentally, unfortunately, this Judge made up her mind many moons ago about Sholom.
    THAT is what the REAL problem is. And if you think that is NOT anti-semitism, wake up buddy.
    It might be 2010, but it sure feels like 1939 again! You don’t remember, buddy, but I do.
    Who knows-You could cholila be next.
    Oy, would you want help then! Oy!

  12. Yes, I am a Yid. I’m a Yid who cares about ALL of my fellow Jews, not just one. I stand by everything I said. I have reread it, shown it to other people, and we don’t see anything wrong or offensive.

    People like you will hurt Rubashkin’s case, and already have.

    I guess if you remember 1939 you must be in your 80’s. My parents are Holocaust survivors who are your age and they certainly remember 1939 and I showed your comment to one of them, who said it is an insult to Holocaust Survivors to compare this case to the Holocaust. Buddy. Oy.

  13. I personally know Shalom Mordechai and he desrerves every moment we could help him. Were not talking about one person but a whole family which realy need him home. He has suffered enough and so as hes family. It looks like this is just another thing to awaken our eyes to do teshuvah and to get with other jews and be united!

  14. The video was very moving! thanks for whoever made it, I could not
    stop thinking about it. We should just continue to all say tehilim

  15. i cant balieve this has happend-just because he was a jew; i mean christians say, that had he been, one everything would have been fine and he wouldnt have to go to jail….Hashem is telling us something,after all these years-that Every single year, some sort of thing happens-when will people wake up and do teshuvah already;even if it doesnt really”affect them?”…i think if people would learn when there young, about the importance of it all-the generation would probably be starting out much better….and maby less things would happen… May Hashem, hear our tefilote-during THIS generation, and bring mashiach here already, so we can all be united once again!


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