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rubashkin-unity-song[Video below. (Already viewed thousands of times here on Matzav.)] Unity for Justice has united 30 Jewish musicians in a single musical production to promote universal unity amongst Jewish and secular communities, in the hope and belief that unity and togetherness will raise public awareness for Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin’s case, and increase donations to help fund his legal team.Sholom Mordechai ran the Iowa-based Agriprocessors kosher meat factory until it was closed down by federal authorities in 2008. Subsequently, Rubashkin was arrested for defrauding a bank in order to maintain a line of credit to keep the family business afloat.

Unlike others charged with similar crimes, Sholom Mordechai was not granted bail during his trial, was kept in solitary confinement for days, was denied kosher food and access to religious items for significant periods of time. In addition, the banks he defrauded had no complaint against him, because he made payments on time. The only crime was allegedly falsifying business information in order to acquire the loans.

Despite his alleged wrongdoings, Rubashkin is clearly not a threat to society, yet he has been treated like a violent criminal. In June 2010, Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin was sentenced to 27 years imprisonment.

It is to this injustice that the wider Jewish community, and much of general America, has reacted so strongly. The American public expects its judicial system to be just and non-discriminatory. Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin’s sentence is far harsher than his crime, and Judge Linda Reade’s decision disappointed many Americans’ faith in their legal system.

The Rubashkin case has resulted in solidarity evenings, prayer gatherings and generous contributions to Sholom Mordechai’s defense team. The injustice has bolstered widespread unity among people from all walks of life. Why has this case touched so many hearts across the world?

Participants: (In order of appearance)

Ken Burges, Dovid Gabay, Mendy Werdyger, Beri weber, Yeedle, Yossi Green, Yehudah Green, MBD, Benny Friedman, Aaron Razel, Lipa, Boruch Levine, Michoel Schnitzler, Shloime Taussig, Mendy Werzberger, Sruly Werdyger, Bentzi Marcus, Yossi Goldstein, Avi and Yossi Piamenta, Dovid Dachs, Shloime Gertner, Avrohom Fried, Yaakov Shwekey, Sparks Choir, Y-love, Yanky Lemmer, Gad Elbaz, Shloime Dachs, Ohad, Shira Choir, Describe, Yoni Zigelboum, Yitzchak Fuchs, Moshe Kravitsky, Avi Begun, Rivi Schwebel, Ari Klein, Shua Kessin, Dovid Stein, Michoel Pruzansky, C Lanzbom.

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Written by MBD and Shea Mendelowitz
Additional lyrics by MBD and Moshe Kravitsky 

Like angels in the sky
In a garden full of glory
The galaxy so brilliantly related
Ultimately high
On that first page of our story
‘Till the time our parents were created

Envious brother Cain
Threw a blow so mad and chilling
Tragically he never did recover
It’s really so insane
All our selfishness, that’s killing
That stranger who’s our sister and our brother


So listen brother, listen friend Enlarge Notes
Just a little smile, a helping hand
And we all will find a loving kind humanity
We must teach our children to
Treat your fellow friends like they were you
And then we all find some peace of mind and unity

Eagle soaring by
could you lift him up with you now
and fly him home w justice pride and freedom
His eyes are gazing wide
From behind the bars he prays now

With faith with joy, oh how we wait to greet him
Ages rushing by
Writing chapters full of sorrow
Webs of self destruction, we are weaving
Because if we don’t even try
There’s no hope for our tomorrow
So what’s it all worth if we are not achieving?


Yes one thing makes me smile
I can feel that happy ending
As justice will prevail, so delighted
And in just a little while
He will join in freedom singing
With peace and love across a world united


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  1. everyone is just adding to their achdus and ahavas yisroel. this is another level. seems like geula coming because we are moving up and up.
    mi k’amcha yisroel, goy echod b’aretz.
    yashar koach fellow yidden, keep it going.
    look for those little moments where you can do chesed for another yid, and keep going !

  2. with tears in my eyes, i am thinking of what nachas the Ribbono Shel Olom must have. May it stand as a merit for his freedom! Amen!!

  3. How about this:

    Many months alone in his cell
    Awaiting redemption so anxiously
    A victim of injustice living through hell
    Yearning for home, his destiny

    His commitment to Torah is clear
    Thats how he keeps his sanity
    His devotion to Hashem is so dear
    Inspiring thousands to unity

    The fight for his life, never must fade
    Stand up against this tyranny
    This injustice is a disgrace
    To truth, fairness and liberty

    We must cry out and speak now
    We must stand up for truth now
    We must always have in mind
    A brother so good and kind
    Locked up without purpose
    Lets stand up across this nation
    Call out for action to be taken

    Thousands shout out no!
    Let Shalom Mordechai go
    We must speak out for Justice

    Thousands shout out, No!
    Let Shalom Mordechai go
    We must stand up for Justice!

    Thousands shouting, no!
    Let Shalom Mordechai go!
    We demand Justice!

    We demand Justice. We demand Justice. We demand Justice.

    We are thousands shouting no
    Let Sholom go
    We are calling for Justice


    This is the year IY”H that we finally all love each other KISH ECHOD BLEV ECHOD!!!!!!!!!


    Then Moshiach will finally finally be able to come!!!

    Moshiach can’t wait!!!

  5. hut bitochin!!!!!!! i dont think if i whould be in shoulem mordchi place i whould be so storng that one thing i learnd!!!

  6. Beautiful song, what an amazing show of achdus. Hakadosh Baruch Hu must be so happy watching Klal Yisrael coming together for this.

    #11, no words for the Tehai Shenas AM ECHAD!!!!!

  7. that was extremely special. just remember its meant to inspire us the viewers. lets try to daven a little harder for sholom mordechai ben rivka

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