Video: Rav Yisroel Brog: What is the Cause of People Going Off the Derech?


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  1. From all the “smart” people who leave the Derech, I haven’t heard any intelligent answer as to what is the purpose of life, why are they carrying-on living…

  2. Excellent Shiur! Its a must listen for every Ben Torah. Very important Nekuda which you wont hear anywhere else.
    Interesting, I see the Shiur is being given in the Bais Medrash on Nutwood Lane (in Rebbe’s house) not in the usual Telshe Shiur room. What’s pshat?
    Thank You Matzav for posting these Emmes Liamito Shiurim. Please keep them coming.

    Every Shiur can be heard on Kol Halashon: 718-906-6410. 1 for Chumash, 18 for Rabbi Brog, 1 for daily Parsha topics, and 1 again for current Shiurim.

    best regards,

  3. Only recently the ????? ?? ???? sent me a real HUGE wakeup call to this phenomenon. May the ????? ?? ???? help me and all of us have the ??? to ????? all our issues ????? ????? with him good and bad like the loving father that he is to us his kids.

  4. The reason why people go off the derech is because it is hard to find a real Jew to learn from. The war is not against Hashem or the Torah…the war is against what many have done in the name of Judaism to the point of disappointment. (think about it)

  5. To #5 Goldstein:

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. Why don’t you listen to the Shiur? You might learn something.

  6. People go off cause of the yetzer hora period. The case when the gimara says that the light of tora returns oneself to g-d is speaking about no less than idol worshipers who are a lot further removed than merely being disconnected. Take a look at the nefesh hachaim he says that one may learn even shelo lishma,and discusses the great mitva one gets from doing so. So even someone who learns for the sake of “kavod” is also laudable

  7. comment no 7 I heard the shiur very carefully. you should think about my post, it will help you understand the shiur also. We are the product of Chinuch and we are what we see and learned by example. Good examples bring good yiddin….that is the problem not too many good examples. Hashem yirachem

  8. Thank you for posting shiurim from Rabbi Brog. I love listening to them and they help me out so much! They are so practical!

  9. thanks for Matzav for posting this video from Morenu Harav Y Brog Shilta whom I know personally many stories that he saved alot of bochurim that were …..almolst lost…..


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