Video: Project Inspire 2011: The Road Home


project-inspire-2011[Video below.] He wears a traditional chassidish levush, his first language is Yiddish, and his social milieu is the Satmar kehilla of Williamsburg. All in all, Yoel Rubin does not seem to fit a stereotype of a successful outreach worker. Yet the reality is quite different – just ask Morris Brill of Pottsville, PA.

Like 90% of American Jews, Morris was disconnected from his heritage for most of his life. Unlike five million of our fellow Yidden, he was able to find his way back to his Mesorah – thanks to a Satmar yungerman from Williamsburg.

“I lived as a good person, but I did not know all the rules and visions and aspirations of the Orthodox Judaism,” Morris says. Yoel’s commitment to make a difference led him to Morris, and let Morris to a totally new reality. “I now feel really Jewish for the first time in my life,” Morris says of the transformation he underwent.

Yoel Rubin dared to defy the common misconception that only a select few can be involved in outreach. He was surprised to discover that successful kiruv does not require much time or all-encompassing knowledge – all it takes is just a little heart. He also learned how much power a Jewish heart has.

This Tisha B’Av, Yoel Rubin is one of four who are sharing their amazing stories with the viewers of the Project Inspire presentation, “The Road Home.”  

Click below to watch:

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  1. i just want you to remember that torah is the most important thing that we have even more important than kiruv.
    the mishna in peah says that talmud torah is equal to some mitzvos and reb ahron explains that that only means in this world but in the next world its worth more than all the other mitzvos put together.

  2. that was an amazing video and especially pinchas- the special man that was mekarev brian lesahana habaa beyerushalayim!!!!!!!

  3. A yid,

    You’re 100% right, Torah is the most important thing and that’s precisely why Kiruv is so important. What could be better than Dorei Doros in klal Yisroel learning Torah instead of intermarrying into oblivion.

    Kiruv isn’t an alternative to Torah, it is Torah!

  4. lol, a yid!
    Reb Ahron ztz’l broke shabbos to collect money to save jewish lives in the holocaust.

    Oy vey is right!! Does nobody care about kavod shamayim anymore!??!?


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