Video: President Obama Gets Locked Out of White House


obama-white-house1[Video below.] President Barack Obama had to try a couple of doors at the White House before finally gaining access to the Oval Office on Wednesday.

Returning from a five-day trip to Latin America, video shows the president strolling up to french doors at the White House and trying the handle on a locked door. He appeared to be whistling as he made his way down to another set of doors that were open.

White House staff was apparently not informed that the President was coming back to work before his arrival.

Watch the video below:

[media id=1115 width=400 height=300]



  1. we must respect our leaders, thats the HALACHA, if you find it funny, laugh all you want, you could even type up a cute line, but dont belittle, thats wrong, and especially in public

  2. Hello,
    This is really not funny. Obama did not deserve this treatment. Okay some of you are just so ignorant to the point to where you don’t even understand that if something happens to him we all will be in danger. Just because you don’t like him doesn’t me everyone else don’t. I like him he’s doing a well job and if I didn’t like him it still would not have been funny to see our President locked out the White house. Let me say it again he’s our President. No matter what you say about him he’s still your president. Please grow up and have respect for our leaders.

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