Video: Possible Parah Adumah On Outskirts of Lakewood, New Jersey


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  1. Can somebody explain, if it is ndeed Be Ezras Hashem a Kosher Parah Aduma, what are they going to do with it? Are they going to Shecht it and make May Chatos? Where are they going to keep it ?

  2. Thank you for lighting up our erev Yom Tov with this beautiful story. The man who owns the red cow is such a nice person! I bet he has zchusim that led to this great zchus. The entire piece was heartwarming and a reminder of what a great nation the Jewish People are.

  3. Is there any story in the Pesukim of Tenaach about a Poroh Aduma being born? Or did the whole thing start by the Bayis Sheini?


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