Video: Possible Parah Adumah Found in Upstate New York


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  1. This is disgusting! It was obviously done to make fun the real and actual possibility found near Lakewood, in Howell. Why am I still surprised at you doing this?

  2. If it’s a he then it can’t be a parah.
    If it played with the kids then it’s probably no good anymore.
    If it is a parah adumah then it’s not going to be a korban in the beis hamikdash.

    I think they’d be better off strengthening their belief in H-shem and getting their facts straight than strengthening their belief in Moshiach.

  3. Very cheesy free infomercial given to the Zone. Nu nu, nice try. If my Grandmother had wheels, she would be a car.

  4. Enough! Enough! Enough!

    I am sick and tired of the Oorah Creative Dept and their never-ending flow of PR material. Yes, there was a captivating video about a parah aduma in New Jersey and itwas the talk of the town. So sure enough, here comes Oorah with their copycat version.

    Matzav and all the other frum media outlets happily takes the Oorah ads and I guess it is too hard to resist all that money. But to elevate their shtusim to the staus of newsworthiness is beyond what we deserve.

    And we naive consumers are supposed to stand and applaud while absorbing the never ending PR flow…

  5. Reb Moshe has a teshuva in Igros Moshe dating many years ago about this very topic and says lo hayoh v’lo nivra. There was not and can never be a real parah adumah ad bias ahgoeil because that’s how Hashem made the world.

  6. As to the Parah Adumah not being a Korban, that is correct. However, to be dan lecaf zechus, Rashi does ask why the Parsha of Miriam is put next to the Parah Aduma and he answers that just like a Korban is Mechapar so too the death of Tzadikim are Michapar. Still, the Parah Aduma was not brought on the Mizbeach.


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