Video: Plainclothes Israeli Police Beat Up R’ Nachman Friedman, Gabbai of Sadigura Rebbe zt”l, in Bnei Brak


[media id=1921 width=400 height=300]


  1. With all due respect to your crack reporting skills:
    1)I don’t see anyone beating anyone else up, 2)there is no violence in this video whatsoever, and
    3)particularly for Israeli standards this is an amazingly calm scene.
    OVERALL: There is no context as to why someone is being detained… at least not from the video… All in all, a waste of time to watch.

  2. The “youwish” state! These are news that most Jews do not want to see or even accept! Such a video in New York would had cause a calamity by people screaming “antisemitism”.

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