Video, Photos: Thousands Attend Boro Park Asifas Zikaron for Leiby Kletzky z”l


asifas-zikaron-for-leiby-kletzky-bp[Video and photos below.] Thousands gathered Monday evening for a massive asifas zikaron in memory of hayeled Leiby Keltzky z”l held at Ateres Golda Hall in Boro Park.

The packed crowd heard divrei chizuk and hisorerus from a number of speakers, including Rav Avrohom Schorr, rov of Khal Tiferes Yaakov of Flatbush, and a son of the Skulener Rebbe.

Click here and here for videos courtesy of Boro Park Scoop.

See below for photos:

{Photos courtesy of Bechadrei Chareidim, with permission/Matzav.coim Newscenter}


  1. Can Matzav please put these videos on they’re own server so those of us with “MATZAV FILTERS” can still watch it?

  2. are we ready as one nation together to do TESHUVA NOW so we will never need these tragedies to happen R”L & have these gatherings?

    its up to us to show Hashem that we can avoid these tragedies from happening ASAP.


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