Video, Photos, Lists: Affordable Housing Lottery Held in Lakewood


affordable-housing-lottery-in-lakewood-2012-9[Video, photos and lists below.] Lakewood, NJ – In anticipation of the completion of 58 affordable housing units in Lakewood, a public lottery to determine who will be eligible to purchase the newly constructed three- and four-bedroom units took place last night at the auditorium of the Lakewood Municipal Building on Third Street.

Ervin Oross, the community development director of Lakewood and the president of Rehabco, the company that runs housing and community development programs, was joined by Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz, the president of NJ Hand, as well as R’ Shalom Landman and R’ Yisrael Friedman of NJ Hand, R’ Zalman Sorotzkin, Mike McNeil of STEPS, and others at the event.

Also present were Deputy Mayor Isaac Akerman, Committeeman Ray Coles, and Steven Reinman, the director of economic development for Lakewood.

Those individuals who completed applications for this phase of affordable housing received a letter with a lottery ball number in it. The call for applications was advertized in all the media, including the Hispanic newspapers, so everyone would have an equal opportunity to apply for the affordable housing units.

1,000 applications were received for the three- and four-bedroom units.  There were about 600 applications for the four-bedroom units and 300 for the three-bedroom units.

A bingo cage containing wooden bingo balls automatically picked the numbered balls and shot them out. The numbers were called out by Mr. Oross.

The winners will be carefully screened to make sure they meet all criteria to own an affordable housing unit. Winners did not have to be present; they will be notified of their selection by mail.

Click here for the first 75 selectees on the 3-bedroom list.

Click here for the first 75 selectees on the 4-bedroom list.

Click below for a video clip of the first two minutes of the selection:

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See below for photos:

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