Video, Photos: Lakewood Regional Business and Industry Expo 2011


lakewood-regional-business-and-industry-expo-2011-32[Video and photos below.] This afternoon, the Lakewood Development Corporation and the Lakewood Industrial Commission are hosting the third annual business-to-business Lakewood Regional Business and Industry Expo at Lake Terrace Hall in Lakewood, NJ. The event concludes at 5 p.m.

This year, the organizers told, 107 businesses exhibited at the expo. Last year, over 90 businesses exhibited and about 1,000 people attended. The organizers are thrilled with today’s turnout, as visitors are enjoying  prizes, screenings, special offers, giveaways and free business seminars sponsored by Lakewood’s UEZ program. Admission and ample parking are free.

Patricia Komsa, executive director of the Lakewood Development Corporation, said, “This is a great opportunity for area-wide businesses to showcase their goods and services at a reasonable price.”

See below for photos of the event:

Click below for a video clip:

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  1. Feh!

    I walked in and walked right out!

    Pritzus, Taaruvos and a totally non Yiddish Taam to this.

    This should not be hailed and reported on on a frum site and in frum periodicals where the unsuspecting reader thinks it is a frum expo, as it was basically last year.



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