Video, Photos: Highlights of Oorah-thon 2010


lipa-oorah[Video and photos below.] Last night was the culmination of Oorah’s season-long auction campaign, as Oorah-thon auction 2010 was held amidst great excitement at Oorah’s headquarters on Swarthmore Avenue in Lakewood, NJ.

Oorah is the renowned national organization that runs numerous kiruv endeavors and has brought countless people closer to the Ribono Shel Olam.

The program last night was led by hosts Country Yossi and Rav Moshe Meir Weiss, who interviewed beneficiaries of Oorah’s kiruv efforts and other special guests. Rav Yisroel Reisman, Rav Zechariah Wallerstein and others spoke via telephone, while others guests appeared in person at Oorah headquarters.

Adjacent to the broadcasting room, dozens of operators manned the phones, taking final auction orders.

 The multi-talented Elchonon Schwartz lent his creativity to the broadcast and special guest Lipa Schmelczer enlivened the audience as only he can, mixing a serious message of inspiration with musical and rhyming talent to encourage listeners – and those watching live online – to place last-minute orders before the auction drawings.

The announcement of the winners, and the rest of the radiothon, was broadcast on dozens of radio stations across the Country and live online.

$250,000 in prizes were auctioned off – all for only $5 per ticket.

Click here to view the winners of Oora-thon 2010.

Click below for exclusive Matzav video clips of the live broadcast of Oorathon 2010:

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See below for exclusive Matzav photos of the live broadcast:

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  1. Ehh… Reb Eli you sound like you have something to say about Oorah in particular rather then Matzav’s editing policies. I didn’t notice your critical evaluations on any of Matzav’s other random and non-newsworthy items.

  2. The picture effects are cool, only if you want to sit and watch a five minute slideshow. Because of the effects, it takes forever to go from picture to picture.
    Can you please make the effects faster or just take it off all together. Thank you!

  3. do your research before you ask questions.
    if you’ve read anything about oorah’s huge expenses in tuition and camps, you’d never have asked.

  4. Lipa,You are fun, and warm, and hartzig….You have a lot of energy and I can relate to that…You are a great entertainer and a phenomonal snger. Your chessed is outstanding and your heart is big. Keep it up!


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