Video, Photos: Carteret Yeshiva Participates in Public Menorah Lighting Ceremony


CARTERET (3)Last evening, on the first night of Chanukah, the mayor of Carteret, NJ, Daniel J. Reiman and his staff invited the local yeshiva and Jewish community to join him for a public menorah lighting ceremony at the Memorial Municipal Building.

For the third year in a row,  the community gathered with community leaders as the mayor welcomed the crowd with words of encouragement for growth and a happy Chanukah.

He then introduced the rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Azriel Brown, who spoke about his appreciation to the mayor and his staff for their willingness to work with the yeshiva and the growing Jewish community on so many different levels.

Rabbi Brown then proceeded to speak about Judaism’s rich heritage, followed by lighting the menorah.

Mayor Reiman then asked for moment of silence in honor of those fighting for freedom of religion and democracies around the globe. He then invited the crowd into the public library hall for donuts and drinks.




{CB Newscenter}


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