Video: Orangutan Cools Itself Like Human


orangutanAn orangutan has displayed human-like behavior while trying to cool down on a hot day in a Japanese zoo. The ape displayed remarkable intelligence as it placed a small towel into a pool of water before dabbing it on its face to cool off.

The footage was captured by a visitor at the Tama Zoological Park in Tokyo.

See‘s Featured Video section at the right of the screen to view the amazing footage.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. The ape didn’t wipe the other ape, nor did he offer the towel to him. but more interestingly, the second ape did not steal the towel from him – tried once but then was respectful and just used his own hand to cool off without a fight of any kind.

  2. Nice now we can teach apikorsus in our yeshivas you see how the gass breaks down our hashkofos bit by bit the same has been done to our frum hashkofos by the so v
    Called broadminded of unzerer who have infiltrated foreign theologies into our heilig Torah it is so subtle that it not noticeable at first

  3. isn’t it amazing how this animal has been doing these things for almost six thousand years as programmed by hashem and cooling itself not like a human but like an

  4. The Pirkei D’Reb Eliezer writes that some of the people of the dor haflogah were punished by turning into apes, so maybe these apes are descendants of humans!!!!!!!!

  5. What is the problem with this? Animals are awesome and part of Hashem’s creation. This has nothing to do with evilution. Teach respect for animals. Is not Hashem the first animal rights activist teaching us to show more consideration for animals than what humans receive/ed from the nations?

  6. And birds have been known to talk and display intelligence on the level of a 3 year old. Yet nobody thinks they’re related to humans.


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