Video Of Jewish Boy Burning His Nike Sneakers In Protest Goes Viral


Earlier today, the sneaker company Nike made headlines when they announced their promotion of disgraced quarterback Colin Kaepernick to the face of the company.

Kaepernick, who last played in the NFL in 2016, is famous for instigating the national anthem protest, where players take a knee during the song. The protests caused a lot of controversy and NFL owners have created rules this season to tackle the issue.

After Nike’s announcement, many took to Twitter and other social media outlets to voice their displeasure. Watch this video that went viral, which shows a Jewish boy throwing his Nike sneakers into a burning fire to protest the new campaign.


  1. Nike already lost over $4 billion dollars since the ‘just do it’ campaign with American hater Kaepernick on the face of the ads.

  2. Can’t watch video now but agree with this kid. Will b”n discourage my family from buying Nike in the future. I have a long memory for these things. I still rarely buy Exxon because of their lack of care after the Valdez incident. ( i know most of you have no idea what I’m referring to).

  3. Just Baal tahchris. Would it be wrong to give to poor people? Gevald! Bochur u belong in a real Yeshiva that teaches you how to understand the news and act like a real yid

  4. do we really need the optics of the frum not caring of the issues faced by black america, even if we think they are overplaying a non issue, we do not need to be the ones publicly shouting that on the street corners. But hey if he gets lots of likes on Instagram good for him…………………

  5. It’s a news story if he would’ve followed Gloria Steinem instead. You’re against the protest of Kaepernick and yet you go on video protesting the protest. Or are you venting against the protester? Have you even got a clue as to how this nation was formed?

    Do American history books actually recount the history of America anymore? Are they glorified and romanticised novels of fiction that deliver morality stories?

    Later gators, it’s all lost.


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