Video: NYPD Arrests Yid On Way Home On Erev Rosh Hashanah


nypd-jew-arrest[Video below.] Crown Heights Info reports: It was a difficult Rosh Hashana for one Jew after he spent its first hours in the custody of the NYPD following a silly altercation. Disturbing video footage, captured by an equally disturbed reader with a cell phone camera, shows a large number police officers manhandling the Jew who was trying to defend himself, constantly asking why he was being arrested.

The incident began unfolding within the eighteen minutes after Rosh Hashana had already begun near the intersection of Albany Avenue and Montgomery Street. Police officers pulled over a Jewish motorist who was in a hurry to get home just as the Yom Tov was starting.

Passersby called out to the cops to let the motorist go, saying that the Yom Tov was starting. The impassive officers responded that “he broke the law and we will not let him go.” One bystander got vocal and police fixated on him.

First he was knocked to the ground by officers who immediately called for backup. Close to thirty officers responded and after wrestling back and forth the man was placed in cuffs and dragged into a waiting police car.

As he was being put into the cruiser the man was heard pleading with officers to let him go to Shul, and that it was his father’s yahrtzeit, all of which fell on deaf ears. was unable to find out what the man was charged with, nor when he was released.

Click below to watch the video:

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  1. The most disturbing thing is like My Rov always says. If you rushing the last minute. One time you”ll miss the zman and get stuck with Chillul shabbos. The law is the Law

  2. Why was he driving after Rosh HaShana had already begun anyway?

    Monsey Bubby, you are trivializing the Holocaust and desecrating the memory of the 6 million.

  3. #2, you are very misguided to think that we are living in an era of Nazi Germany.
    I suggest you speak to a Holocaust survivor and see what he has to say what it was like in Nazi Germany

  4. this is exactly one of the reasons why each neighberhood has police laisons. The rule should be that a laison should always be called in this type of situation lessening the chance of misunderstanding.some officers lack basic understanding of the people they serve. they can bring about a situation that can lead to pikuach nefesh. Remember years back in boro park when a edp fearing the police who were trying to subdue him pulled out a knife thinking they were going to kill him was shot and killed. If a local laison would have been called to the scene, chances are that seeing a familiar frum face directing police may have relaxed him and he would be alive today.

  5. The video is unclear why the fellow was stopped. However, it is equally disturbing that the police involved apparently have had no cultural sensitivity training to the Hassidic community. The poilice inability to recognize why the citizen was aggitated is unacceptable as it caused needless exercise of force.

  6. Nazi Germany started slowly. First it was harassing Jews and arresting and jailing. That’s how it started and that’s what holocaust survivors say. Smell the coffee!

  7. #5 avi you sound like a small pearson with alot of hate DURING THE ASERES YEMEI TESHUVA!!(that’s “almost” like driving close to Rosh Hashana..)

  8. sound like he is trying to defend himself. Is it illigal to speak out? It didnt look like he was going to attack the policeman. looks over dramatised by the police.

  9. A) The arrested Yid was NOT driving, he was standing near his shul he was about to enter right before Rosh Hashana. (He walked to shul.)

    B) He saw the police pulling over another Yid in a car and asked the officer if he could let him go since the holiday was about to start. The police took offense and arrested him for asking that.

    C) He was driven to the precing as Yom Tov was beginning. He was AGAIN forcibly driven on Rosh Hashana night (9:30 PM) from the precint to Central Booking.

    D) He was only released on Rosh Hashana afternoon.

    All he was (initially) arrested for was for asking the police to please not ticket another person.

  10. facts of the story
    The guy was arrested because the cop claimed that the victim pushed the cop and used that excuse to arrest this poor guy.We tried to get this guy out of jail but according to law when a person is charged with obstructing goverment justice which is a police tactic they used to find a reason to arrest someone when the guy does nothing .The guy must go through the system. We burach hashem got a minyan together and got permission through our conections to make a minyan for this poor guy so he can say kaddish and we brought him food

  11. #16 Since when is it against the American law to ask a cop not to ticket another person ? Why dont you brush up on some American law ? Did you ever hear of freedom of speech?

  12. Shocking police brutality. Is this what the police are being paid for? For 30 police to gang up on one defenseless man? Where are they when you need them for a real crime?

  13. I belive the police should be punished if they acted agressivley and out of line.

    The law is the law, but if the jews did nothign againts the law and the cops played big-shot, then they needa be taught a good lesson.


  14. The video doesn’t show how the man got on the ground, nor what incident preceded the arrest.

    On the video itself, I don’t see anything that, as a lawyer, I would call “police brutality”. From the language in the lead-up, I almost expected a Rodney King-type of incident. From what I see, after helping the man up, he starts waving his arms and isn’t responding to the police requests. I have no idea whether there were grounds for the arrest, but resisting arrest is illegal, and the police are permitted to use reasonable force.

    Yes, it would be good for police to be aware of the Jewish calendar, and I know a local Jewish police chaplain who does explain the importance of getting home for sundown. At the same time, maybe there needs to be some education the other way as well, on the importance of obeying local laws, avoiding confrontation with police and asserting rights in a polite and civil manner.

  15. the fellow shown in the video being arrested was not the driver, he only peacefully asked the officers questions. he had no video camera he was not aggressive or obstructing the police whatsoever. That’s what happens when you put rookies on the street. If this would have been williamsburg or boro park hundreds would have poured out of the shuls and would not have let such an atrocity happen. in Crown heights, we choose to deal with the police in a mild mannered way and we suffer the consequences. The police take advantage of this phenomenon and constantly badger and manhandle people for no reason. They ticket our guests from overseas for not leaving the park at dusk knowing full well that these people are unaware of the law, they can’t even read the signs. They have a new meshugaas, they ticket people for congregating on the sidewalk, immediately ticket double parked cars that are loading and unloading and they also started to hand out those pink criminal court tickets for small infractions.


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