Video: Nothing Special Being Jewish



  1. This is very special. The joy of being jewish is knowing you can please your sanity by keeping Torah close.

    Those of us who grew up in the diaspora without Torah in our homes look at this very nice video with tears. We know that Torah is our future yet we have had so little contact with it in our own family.

    We can pray other jews will find these videos and hopefully more. I am not yet ready to have my own family but I would love to learn more. I can only think that a jewish family must be blessed in Torah and if we can not even as ba’al teshuvahs continue our own family needs in our preexisting families, we must keep always hoping that the yiddishkeit we can learn from the values in the inner communities will pervade our future family structure and fate.

    Still, this is very inspiring. I can not understand all the hate of orthodox judaism. It is so hard to see your family eat treif while you fear G-d and know Torah is the only way.

    Baruch Hashem. This world can find peace.


  2. Baruch Hashem. I will be glad to see that her head covering which is so nice will hopefully be the maxim for more jewish women. I can not tell you all how sad it is that women who are not orthodox hate the head covering. The leather look is very special. I saw it first on Matzav. Shalom.


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