Video: Neturei Karta Radical Rodfim March with Palestinians in Nyc


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  1. I know there is such a thing as the Naturei Karta, but I just don’t believe that they are really Jews. How do we truly know their lineage.
    How do we know that they aren’t being paid to dress up and do what they are doing and they are real antisemites.
    They are any way. But how do we know?

  2. Lets not forget that achdus is very important. Since they are Jewish we have to bless them and follow the mitzva of “ve’ohavto le’ray’achu komoicho” and consider them to be “tinuk shenishba”. After all they are shomer shabos and if this is wrong they can still do t’shuvah.

  3. Should read, “marching for Palestinians” not with Palestinians.Many at this protest are probably not Palestinians, but just “JEW HATERS”(Neturei Karta??)with nothing better to do.

  4. No1: I wish you will use the same argument for the Zionist that have usurped our name and act in our behalf. I know some of the people there and they are Jews, secular Israelis that brought immorality to the Holy Land…are they Jewish? Palestinians suffer too in this conflict not only Jews I do not agree with neturei karta but we most show concern and care also for those on the other side, many are innocent victims!

  5. ” rabbi” weiss and his gang are Am Haratzim.
    There is not one real scholar in their group.
    They refer to themselves as “rabbis” because they have a beard and payes but there is not one of them that can learn a Blatt Gemorah without using an Artscroll.
    The Founder Rav Amram was a Talmud Chacham and a true Tzadik. He would roll over in his grave if he could see the leadership of Neturay Karta today.

  6. There are 1.2 billion arabs and about 15 million Jews. What they are doing is enabling a Jew caught by terrorists to claim that he is not a Zionist and perhaps save his life.

  7. The Naturei Karta love to be given focus. They are like latkes that fall on the floor are surreptuously insert themselves back on the latke platter. They are covered in dirt and dust! How horrible we have these Marxist morons! Terrible.

  8. I heard about Jews helping the Nazis in the Holocaust. I never could believed it.
    After watching this video clip, I see now that it could have been possible.

  9. A. These are a break off of the real Neturei Karta (mostly called Ohel Sarah)

    B.Neturei Karta groups generally are suffused with Shin bet agents ,so you can assume several of these are as well.

  10. We are the fault. For too long we have tolerated these radicals labeled as “extreme chassidish yidden”. Enough! This article title has it right. They are roidfim. Plain and simple. And every effort needs to be made so that it is clear to all media sources that this gang is completely “meechutz l’machane”. These aren’t or folks. They don’t represent our values. We loath the image they represent.

  11. cant believe what a chillul hashem these crazy people can make, they should go into a worse golus with their brothers in iran

  12. These people have no proof of being Jewish, The last animal speaking does not even have the slightest resemblance of a Yid.

  13. 13..if that actually were the case, which I highly doubt…then you need to think twice before you speak.Or consider that you actually haven’t thought before you spoke…Either way.

  14. They are not real Jews. Let them go to Gaza where they belong! They are making a tremendous Chillul HaShem. They are contributing to the destruction of the Bais HaMikdash! They are truly evil!

  15. isn’t it interesting that they share many of the views of the israeli left. the reason is, when you get rid of the ideology then they have a point. what is the israeli strategy to deal with gaza. it is an eye for an eye for an eye for an eye…. for eternity. why should all jews in the world suffer because of what some secular prime minister decides to do. let us proclaim we are jews, but we don’t have to condone everything the state of israel does. the govt. doesn’t care if there is violence and antisemitism around the world. in fact they want it. so more jews will go to israel. they don’t realize that the secret to our survival is being dispersed all over the world, not concentrated in one spot. do you think hashem will ignore 4 million reshaim living in the holy land, with tel aviv as one of the most depraved cities in the world. yes, there is the zechusim of the frum jews. but the torah promises that E”Y will spit out whoever trangresses.
    the bottom line is, these people are no less rodfim then many other sectores of israel, and their intention is to save jews by seperating israel from jewish. and hoping that the arabs and others will come to realize that.

  16. Although i disagree with NK for several reasons, they are not rodfim – the real rodfim are the zionists, especially the ones who killed the arab boy – NK are trying to make peace and save Jewish lives, albeit in a misguided way


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