Video: Naftali Bennett Faces Off Against Hostile, Anti-Israel Sky News Reporter


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  1. He should have answered him, that his reporters will go to an area that has no missiles, rockets, bombs, tunnels, or terrorists; they will enjoy the weather in a short sleeve short.

  2. Well said!

    While I certainly have my beef with him, he is a great spokesperson. He did well. (He should have also asked the Sky news terrorist why he interrupted him.)

  3. Naftali Bennett Sounds like a Patriot, but the inflection of his voice indicates he is stressed by Hashem’s plan and that he has no credibility as a voice of trust in G-d. He can be your friend. He can be your neighbor. But he will not be a story in your heavens. This is a man who has broken the promise of Israel to become a pariah against his own methodology. Ultimately, Mr. Bennett wants to reform his own voice against the time of Moses. He is a keen supporter of Israel, but he does it with a Trash Can in one hand and and Ice pick in the other. I would like to have dinner with him perhaps and discuss the politics of human placement and human atonement. But I am not going to have him as my business partner. He would tear down the ship.


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