Video: Meir Lichtenstein Victory Speech


meir-lichtenstein[Video below.] As first reported here last night, incumbents in Lakewood easily retained their Township Committee seats as the threat from independent challenger Charles Cunliffe fizzled. Democrat Meir Lichtenstein and Republican Menashe Miller beat out the four challengers to go on to a third term. Lichtenstein, one of only two Democrats victorious in Ocean County, won 31 percent of the 35,585 total votes while Miller took 34 percent.

“My intention is to make sure our communities are pulled together and to continue to work for all of Lakewood,” Lichtenstein said.

Challengers Hannah Havens, a Republican, and Miriam Medina, a Democrat, lost with 3,613 and 2,790 votes respectively.

Despite a vigorous grassroots campaign, Cunliffe, a former 12-year Democratic committeeman, fell short with 3,279 votes, or 9 percent.

His running mate, Lynn Celli, pulled in 2,993 votes.

Click below for a video of Meir Lichtenstein’s video speech delivered last night at The Strand on Clifton Avenue, where family and friends gathered to congratulate him on his well-deserved victory:

[media id=267 width=400 height=300]

{ Newscenter/APP/Video by Lakewood 24/6}



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