Video: Mein Gele Bus


vodVisit’s Featured video section to check out today’s video, Yoely Lebovits’ “Mein Gele Bush – My Yellow Bus” from his comedy CD “Purim Bailout.” Also be sure to read the interview we posted earlier today about Yoely, aka the Pester Rebbe. The film in the Featured Video section was filmed and edited by On Time Pro Video, with lyrics by Shauly Grossman and music by Yitzy Landau. Be sure to check Matzav’s video section each day for new posts. { Newscenter}


  1. another attempt to “frumesize” a goyishe toeva y what this does is to encourage the frum oilom to listen to goyishe music bcause a yid can never imitate the quality of music that the goyishe velt puts out it does not pay to invest millions to sell a few thousand cd’s not even a100,000


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