Video: Me, Myself and Tie By Rabbi Yoel Gold


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  1. He’s a very good speaker captivating the audience.

    And regarding a tie, it would make more sense to make them for women for whom it should be mandatory to wear.

  2. What is an assistant Rabbi, and what kind of Rabbi demands a tie?

    The little things we “don’t” do are just as telling–such as “not” wearing a tie.

    This short inspirational speech makes no sense.

  3. Shvigger, time to look beyond Boro Park, Flatbush and Williamsburg. While I may not agree with everything in the videp, i.e. how does this answer the question about only refraining from pas akum for aseres yemei teshuva, but your questions still show an unbelievable ignorance of the wider Jewish world.

  4. The connection is pretty obvious- You don’t always wear a tie,
    During Aseres Yemay Tshuvah is like an interview with God so you take on a chumrah you don’t do all year long- not eating Pas Akum.
    I got chizuk from this, Thanks!

  5. You missed the point!!!
    The Rabbi doesen’t need a tie
    The apointment need to look presentable

    The Yomim Noraim Hashem whats to see how we come with the tie not eating [Pas Paltar or speaking LH etc.]


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