Video: Marco Rubio, On Senate Floor, Continues to Stand By Israel


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  1. Finally, someone normal to lay out the facts and stick up for Israel. Finally a great American Marco Rubio, who is trying to set things straight. Obama? Can you hear him????

  2. Amazing! I’m so impressed! Is there anyway i could write a letter to him to thank him for this speech? Anyone who knows how to write a letter to the senator in Florida please post the info. Thanks.

  3. This speech was such an amazing speech, i was so impressed that as soon as I finished listening I called Marco Rubio’s office to thank him for his support. I think we all should call him. His number is 202-224-3041. Just tell them that you want to leave a message for the senator. We know that we only could rely on Hashem to save us, but it was a big chizuk to hear someone stand up for the truth.
    Thank you Mr. Senator!


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