Important Video: Man Shows Just How Easily Kids Can Be Lured In Social Experiment


joey-salads[Video below.] In a terrifying wakeup call for parents, a new viral video shot on New York City playgrounds shows just how easily children can be lured, CBS NY reports.

A viral video shows a child being tricked by a social stranger with a puppy. Initially, creator Joseph Saladino, known on YouTube as “Joey Salads,” said what started out as an idea for a prank video morphed into a social experiment that has gone viral.

Saladino said he always gets permission from the parents first, and then pretends to lure children away with his dog named Donuts as bait.

“How many times a day do you tell your kid not to talk to strangers?” Saladino asks a woman in the video, before telling the woman he is going to do a test and talk to her young daughter and show her the puppy.

The girl appears excited to see the puppy, and Saladino tells the girl, “I’ve got some more puppies – you want to see some more puppies,” and asks to take the girl’s hand and walk away with him.

In the clip, he repeats the experiment twice more – each time with a little boy. And each time, shocked parents watch as their children wander off with a complete stranger and even hold his hand as he tells them: “Want to go see the other puppies? I’ve got a bunch of them – let’s go!”

“I just went over with the puppy and I just made a small convo with the puppy, and they felt comfortable because I had a cute dog,” Saladino said.

Saladino said he had no trouble luring away the three different children from a playground on Staten Island, and from another playground in Brooklyn.

And at the end of the video, one little boy’s mother holds him and says: “Just because you see somebody with a dog doesn’t mean you go home with them, because you don’t know him…. You have to ask me if you want to go see somebody. You know what’s going to happen? You know what could happen? They could take you and you wouldn’t be with mommy anymore.”

Saladino hopes the video serves as a wakeup call. Addressing the camera directly at the end of the clip as ominous music plays, he points out that more than 700 children are abducted a day, and more than 250,000 a year.


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  1. Its truly a tragedy. But truth be added, i think the number is over 80% (90%) of abductions are by family members in marital disputes. However, its critical that children receive training in the proper precautions.

  2. From the background, it looks like the park on Avenue P and Ocean Parkway.
    This was clearly staged. Why would the Parent allow this “stranger” to even talk to them? What Parent would allow their kid to be filmed doing this? Why is it that punkt each kid likes Puppy’s? None of the kids even turn around to their Mother first? It miht be nogia for Goyim, but not Yidden. Yidden are trained to not even talk to ANYONE. . Shtuyot and nonsense. I’m surprised that Matzav has fallen for the bait.

  3. Of course it’s staged- he says so to each parent and asks for their consent. It was an experiment to raise awareness…

  4. the kids prob saw the man talk to their mom on the bench and saw she thought he was friendly and therefore to be trusted. this let their guard down tremendously.

    also, this message would apply to moms who are NOT sitting watching their kids but send the kid alone! Once a mom is on the bench nearby, the kid feels safe that she would stop him if it was dangerous. If a guy came with a puppy who hadn’t asked previous permission, the mom would be running to find out what was going on!!

  5. “It miht be nogia for Goyim, but not Yidden. Yidden are trained to not even talk to ANYONE.”

    For Moron #5 I have, sadly and tragically just Two words. Leiby Kletzky.

  6. Dont be such tmimim! Kids are easly convinced to follow anyone specially with a dog or something cute. I know bacause I have work with little ones over 20 years!

  7. > “It miht be nogia for Goyim, but not Yidden. Yidden are trained to not even talk to ANYONE. Shtuyot and nonsense. I’m surprised that Matzav has fallen for the bait.”

    >> Ribbono shel Olam! I usually try to refrain from badmouthing other Jews, but in this case I’ll make an exception, because the above comment is so hideously IDIOTIC, and DANGEROUSLY so. How soon you have forgotten the case of poor Leiby Kletzky, a”h(huh? in your book I guess he wasn’t really JEWISH) who was lured to his death (Rachmana Litzlan) by a “friendly” stranger. And all the comments declaring that this was a set-up… ugh…your denial of the reality of just how easy it is for strangers to lure kids away is truly frightening.


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