Video: Limbaugh to Bloomberg: You’re an Absolute Blithering, Embarrassing Idiot


limbaugh-rush[Video below.] Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh perfectly expressed the outrage that many have felt about New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s public statement that the Times Square bomber was a angry opponent of ObamaCare.

Worse were his comments after it became known that the bomber was a Pakistani-trained jihadist – and not a Tea Partier. The mayor held a press conference in which he congratulated the NYPD, but warned New Yorkers that he would not stand for any “backlash” against Muslims or Pakistanis.

Click below to watch Limbaugh’s comments:

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  1. Wow. What culture. What sophistication. How eloquent.

    This is what has happened to the dibbur in America. You are reading about the avi avos hatumah of dibbur and machshava here in America.

    Why this man is glorified bichlal in America and in our shechunos specifically is absolutely beyond me.

  2. Rush is the most astute political commentator today.

    Which is why the liberals hate him. (No doubt some of them will even find this thread.)

  3. This illegitimate Mayor, should step down! What a moron! He is & always was, a self hating, self righteous, left wing Liberal lunatic. He is rosh vireshon in pushing the “Hashchasa” agenda!!! He has broken the “will of the people” who voted for term limits. Throw the bum out!

  4. Limbaugh to Bloomberg: You’re an Absolute Blithering, Embarrassing Idiot”

    Phseita?Mai Ka Masma Lon?Tnina L’hu? V’Tzricha Dbshuftani askinan

  5. This is just embarrassing. Not only that this person has bigger mouth than brain.
    His derogatory way of speaking about everybody who is not sharing his twisted views is obvious to anybody who listen to him. His antisocial, self-centered ideology which is in direct opposition to our Hashkufa, is a poison to every Jewish Neshoma. His war mongering is known (by the way, could any one of his talmidim tell me if he admitted that there was no WMD in Iraq?).
    In one of the biggest Yeshivos in America, Talmidim and Kolel yingeleit, are going by the lunch time to their cars to contaminate themselves with this hate coming from his mouth. Sad fact, but a fact. Frum people call him “Reb”, “Rush should give shiur klolle” or just “Rush is the BEST!”
    Really!? Be ashamed of you self. You learning is waste of time. Take some Musar Sefurim and study it intensively. Maybe steel there is hope for you.

  6. Matys: I fear it is a mirror that you are speaking of. Your derogatory comment speaks for itself.

    You need to pickup some Jewish values to replace your liberal hate.

  7. #8 Matys,

    funny how go ahead just degrading a bunch of people without any fact-based reason, just- in your own words- “derogatory way of speaking about everybody who is not sharing his twisted views”

    Kol haposel (crazy analasys), mimumo posel

  8. Rush happens to be a massive oihaiv yisroel!! He is constantly saying things on his radio program to show this !! And by the way a lot of what he says happens to be very in line with our values as frum yidden!! Rush is an awesome asset to this country as well as the jewish community at large !! His views on Israel are unprecedented in the goyish velt !! So you should think very carefully before you confuse LEFT-WING IDIOCY with concern for the “Hashkafos” our chushuve bochurim & yungerliet !!!

  9. Mr. Limbaugh is the perhaps the gentile closest to Jewish values. (No gentile has Jewish values obviously.)

  10. Doesn’t the olam realize that this liberal enemy- conservative “tzadik” division is precisely the hate and division Rush has prepetrated upon Americans? It is quite possible to despise Rush and his message, but still be secure in and vote for conservative values. The arrogance and bombasity with how he delivers his message should be mi’us to us given all the yiddishe middos we know we’re supposed to embrace. He should be as foreign to us as the pope!

  11. I shudder to think that anybody considers what Rush does to be on the same page as Jewish values.

    You’re saying that “No Gentile has Jewish values” is a joke. Many come closer to Jewish values than some of the so-called Jews here.

  12. Good morning Reb Avrohom and others.
    I’m not a idiot that doesn’t see a little bit of stira in my comment, I’m aware of this.
    The medrysh teach that Paroh was ama tall and one of his body organs was ama long. Please try to find out how Chazal explained this. That’s the lushon which I use and please be honest in your judgment when you comparing what I said to Limbaugh’s egocentric tirades. And tank you for taking care about my personal learning.
    To anonymous [ I love to speak with no name :(] It is true that there is a lot of views which we may share with him however there are millions of, for example evangelical Christians waving Israeli flags and singing Hebrew song, giving cash for the Jews! The common values which they have with us are incredible!
    Still I don’t trust them and I wouldn’t listen to their preachers even they would teach me sweetest things about being Jewish. Would any body of you?

  13. Like I said, no gentile whatsoever has Jewish values. Nevertheless, Mr. Limbaugh comes closer to Jewish values than almost any other gentile.

  14. Here’s a practical Tea Party type strategy to create a “Citizen Congress”

    A Congress of career politicians will never represent “We the People”, because their highest priority is getting reelected with the help of Big Money.

    But “We the People” have more votes than “Big Money” has, and thus can end Congress as a career for professional politicians by never reelecting incumbents.

    We can impose single terms every two years, by never reelecting Congress.

    Always vote, but only for challengers. Never reelect incumbents.

    Keep this up ‘til Congress is mostly “one-termers”, or a citizen Congress.
    Then keep it up every election, to make a citizen Congress a permanent reality.

    Every American’s only intelligent choice is to never reelect anyone in Congress!

    The only infallible, unstoppable, guaranteed way to get a truly new Congress,

    and a cleaned up new politics is


    In other words, don’t let anyone serve more than one term, ever again.


    I’m Nelson Lee Walker of

  15. Rush is a great. Notwithstanding his sporadic use of foul language, he is one of few people left in this country who understand where we are headed. If you don’t like the fact that he is realistic then got out of fantasy-land.


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