Video: Last Chance to Help Moishe Start Married Life Free of Past Horror and Financial Burdens


Communicated– At the young age of five, Moishe was introduced to tragedy with the untimely death of his father.  His happy home of 10 siblings was torn apart, as they were all sent to live by family members or friends. Moishe’s familiar world and all the people contained in it were suddenly gone, magnifying and multiplying his loss, with no mother, no father, and no siblings to share his grief. At the age of 17, Moishe was diagnosed with cancer, aggressive, powerful and debilitating in form. Moishe’s life hung by a thread, as he valiantly fought and struggled for his last breath on earth.  Miraculously, Moishe recovered! But the horror of Moishe’s world had not yet completed its rounds of destruction. Shortly after Moishe’s recovery, his younger brother fell ill and soon passed away.

Moishe has endured one horrific tragedy after another.  Medicals bills and financial burdens continue to plague him. But Moishe is getting married TODAY and has a chance to have a home of his own, free of past horrors.

This is the last chance to give Moishe his new tomorrow! To join and help end the horror, go to Generous support and assistance will escort Moshe away from the path of pain and debt and onward to a beautiful, happy life.




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