Video: Judge Rips into Racist Michigan Cop


Former Michigan police officer William Melendez was sentenced to a maximum of ten years in prison and given a good scolding by Judge Vonda Evans for his involvement in a police brutality case from 2015.

Melendez and several other officers allegedly pulled unarmed black man Floyd Dent over for a traffic violation, dragged him out of his vehicle, tased him, beat him, severely injured him, then fist-bumped each other. They then reportedly planted a bag of crack cocaine underneath his passenger seat.

“You forgot the eye of justice was watching,” the judge told Melendez. “The dash cam designed to protect you—caught you. You knew better.” Read more at Fox 2 Detroit.




  1. Are you trying to say that’s cops are not the most honest G-d fearing people that only have our best interests in mind?


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