Video: Israeli Soldiers Push Over Man in Wheelchair After Chevron Terror Attack


A video released by a Palestinian immediately after an attempted terror attack on Sunday has raised some eyebrows.

The girl, said to 14 or 16 years old, attempting a stabbing near the Meoras Hamachpeilah in Chevron. Soldiers shot her on the spot, as reported earlier on Matzav.

In the video released right after the terror attack, an Israeli soldier is seen pushing a disabled man in a wheelchair backwards, flipping over the man and his wheelchair. Two Palestinians rush to the man’s aide.

The Palestinians had ignored soldeirs’ orders and were attempting to get near Yasmin al-Zarou, the teen terrorist who carried out the attack.

The true background of the video is still unclear.


David Steger – Israel


  1. I bet he saw him walk over and get into the wheelchair. It’s called paliwood. That’s how the cameras were rolling just at this time. It’s missing the before and after. You can’t see if the recipient gets up from his wheelchair and runs away.


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