Video: Israeli Police’s Brutal Response to Unarmed Chareidi Protestors


protest[Video below.] Over the past month, continual hafganos have taken place in Yerushalayim and elsewhere to protest the recent digging and moving of graves at the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon. There has been public disagreement over the matter, with some questioning the hafganos and various gedolim openly criticizing the gatherings.

Be that as it may, video footage of Israeli Police reacting to the protests once again demonstrates a level of brutality that the police display toward unarmed chareidim. Some have suggested that the hatred that lies beneath the surface of the secular element comes to the fore in their treatment of the black-hatted, black clothed chareidim whom they so despise.

By no means do we sanction hafganos or protests that cause mayhem or damage, but brutality and uncalled for harrassment of protestors should be halted. If the NYPD engaged in such brutality, there’d be intensive investigations. In Israel, it appears that as long as the victim is a hapless chareidi from Meah Shearim, all’s fair game.

Take a look for yourself in this video, filmed this past Tuesday:

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 {Yair Israel}


  1. Participating in demos is costly to your life. You have the choice to go or not… We have seen the violence and brutality at Amona, Gush Katif, shabbos demos, etc.

  2. This does not look like brutality at all. The police look like they are doing their job in a respectful manner.

  3. The zionists are masters of PR… They brutally beat Torah JEws often without justifiable reason. And at the same time the flood the secular media with reports of the charedi being violent when clearly they are the criminals! Besides these protests, they often pickup charedi bochurim from the street to “interrogate” ( be beating and threatening )them. One day the truth will get out but right now it is still hidden from the masses due to the prohibitions of media devices.

  4. I saw no brutality whatsoever. The police handled them with kid gloves, even when a large man was using both feet to kick them.

  5. They are Nazis!! They should switch the chayalim and the police. Send the police to the front to fight the Islamic terrorists, get captured, and find out what it’s like to be treated brutally. (And no one will try to effect their release!)

  6. With what were the police brutal?
    I don’t agree with the digging up of graves, but I didn’t see any brutality here at all. The protestestors pushed away the barriers, so the police arrested them.
    In addition, the protester that was being shackled probably resisted arrest, which of course, we don’t see on this footage.
    I do see the protesters were trying to instigate the police by calling them Nazis.

  7. What are you talking about. If you notice, the first two individuals were instigating the police by crossing the barriers and yelling at them. When the police attempted to retain them, the individuals struggled greatly and screamed.
    The last two men were simple Jews who were being escorted in a civilian car to another area. Notice how the police acted VERY menshlach to them.
    When will this chilul hashem end?!
    Don’t disgrace the term chareidi by associating it with these men who yell and struggle.

  8. Im sorry but your description of the video is outrageously outrageous your trying to gin up fake outrage and u know it aint gonna work

  9. There is no brutality here. The police were very civilly arresting resisting protesters. Not once did the police hit or use excessive force on any of the people who were arrested here.

    There is something else that I noticed here though. Clearly you can hear the protesters calling the police “Nazis.” Not only does this cheapen the memory of the Nazis ym”s true victims, it is an insult to the whole Jewish people for whom the police force is part of al admas kodesh. We can have petty disagreements regarding the exact role and level of force that the police can use but overall we must acknowledge that they are helping maintain a civil society within Eretz Yisrael.

    More likely, the authors of this article had a very biased agenda of promoting civil disobedience and the demonizing of our holy police force who are an integral part of yishuv eretz yisrael. Vehamayvin Yavin.

  10. I may be wrong, but it appears to me that at 2:09 into the video someone cuts a tzitzit off of the protestor’s arba kanfos.

    If something like that happened in Russia, Germany or France the whole world would be up in arms protesting the anti-semitism of the police.

    View the clip carefully and let me know what you think.

  11. “If the NYPD engaged in such brutality, there’d be intensive investigations.”

    I’m not so sure the NYPD would handle the situation much differently, I didn’t see any major violence or brutality.

  12. What police brutality???? The police were dong their job. The protestors chose to protest, and they decided to put themselves in a dangerous position.

  13. I see only great restraint on the part of Israeli police. I do not see any brutality on their part. I do see protesters violently resisting arrest and I hear proteters calling the Israeli police Nazis. I am a frum Charedi yid. I can only say that If I were one of those Israeli police I would not have been able to contain myself if I were called a Nazi. I would have gone berserk and punched their lights out. The Chilul Hashem is clearly being caused by the protesters who are not engaging in non violent protest.

  14. I didn’t see any police violence. I saw someone violently resisting arrest and the police, while forceful, were acting with great restraint.

  15. “I didn’t see any police violence”

    Who are you kidding?!!

    It is obvious that they were breaking his fingers, twisting his hands and legs so that his joints popped out and slammed his head to the ground. It could have taken two police to put two handcuffs on his hands and legs and cart him off, instead you see five to six police beating him and fight with him. We are not talking about weak police and a stonge charedi man – they purposely beat him because they were angry.

  16. Just before the video, the article’s author wrote: “Take a look for yourself…”

    Well, Baruch Hashem, the readers DID look for themselves, and saw that the articles headline: “Israeli Police’s Brutal Response to Unarmed Chareidi Protesters” is a complete fabrication.

    Yasher Koach to all of the readers who saw the truth: there was NO brutalization…no demonstrator was struck in any way…the police acted with utmost restraint and even derech eretz given the outrageous behavior of the protesters. The author of this article should be ashamed of himself for perpetrating such yellow journalism. And thanks to Matzav for posting the video, so that we could see for ourselves the truth, which contradicted their own reporter’s outrageous slanders against the Israeli police officers.

  17. My son is one of the few Orthodox Jews in the NYPD (and yes, he wears his yarmulke on the job). The NYPD regularly set up police barricades when there are demonstrations (which are, of course, constitutionally protected).

    The purpose of the barricades is to keep the sidewalks and streets clear for passage by other citizens, and for the protection of the demonstrators. If any demonstrator tries to break through the barricade — as happened in this instance — the NYPD officers would REACT in the same way as their Israeli counterparts did. There is a pretty commonsense rule: the more aggressive a demonstrator becomes when breaking through the barricade…the greater the counter-force applied to contain and/or arrest him.

    The author of this article wrote: “If the NYPD engaged in such brutality, there’d be intensive investigations.” My son says: “What brutality is he talking about? Those cops behaved absolutely according to protocol. We wouldn’t have done anything differently.”

  18. It’s m\Mamash Midah Kneged Midah!
    They attack unarmed frum people and the whole word jumps them for the raid on the ships!!!


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