Video: Israeli Commandos Celebrated Shabbos as They Sailed to Capture Iranian Arms Ship


idf-soldiers-kiddush[Video below.] Soldiers in Israel’s Navy who set sail last week on a mission to stop an alleged Iranian weapons shipment from reaching Gaza terrorists celebrated Shabbos together by singing Shalom Aleichem and then making Kiddush and having a seudah.

“As Shabbat began last week, these soldiers had already set sail to stop Iran’s weapons shipment from reaching Gaza terrorists. In the middle of the sea, they all sang ‘Shalom Aleichem’ – a Shabbat song meaning ‘peace be upon you,'” the IDF said. “Days later, their successful mission brought peace upon the entire nation of Israel.”

The members of elite naval commando unit Shayetet 13 gathered below deck to sing together. The soldiers, who mostly wore yarmulkas, put their arms around each other’s shoulders and swayed back and forth as they prayed. After the song was over, one soldier stepped forward and made Kiddush.

Days later, the unit successfully intercepted the arms shipment in the Red Sea. The boat, named KLOSC, was headed to Sudan, 1,500 miles from Israel.

One of the weapons captured, the M-302 missile, is made in Syria and is based on Iranian technology, Israel’s Walla reported. IDF Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, oversaw the operation and gave the order to Major General Ram Rothberg, head of the Israeli Navy, to seize the KLOSC, the IDF said earlier this week.

Watch the video of Israeli commandos celebrating Shabbos below:

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{ Israel News Bureau/The Algemeiner}


  1. A video created on Shabboss is Maaseh Shabbos & shouldn’t be shown on a Frum Site! Also am I seeing things? Is the MeKadesh Hashabbos really NOT wearing a yarmulke?

  2. to commenters 1 to 4:

    Even though they filmed it, they are still considered tinokim venishba and their effort to recognize Shabbos gave Hashem tremendous nochas. In addition, no matter what anyone thinks about the IDF, they are holy people because they are putting their lives on the line to keep EY safe from our enemies with G-d’s help.

  3. Yasher Koach to Commentors no 1 & 5 who see the beauty in other Jews and ignoring the chisronos; 2-4 have what to work on; we all have warts and pimples!!!.. . I daven for the day that the Jewish world will be filled with more people like 1 & 5..

  4. To all you cynics, take a chill pill. Instead of knocking them, see the good in their actions. Try to emulate the Berditchever Rebbe who saw only the good in each Jewish neshoma.

    May the IDF continue to watch over Eretz HaKodesh with strength.

  5. The IDF publicizes these videos to try to attract the frum. But what they don’t realize is that Chilul Shabbos doesn’t attract the frum.

  6. To all the people who do not know how to be dan lecaf zechus, watch out the yom hadin is coming.

    Please look at the video again… it is on the deck and in the day light… they made shabbos early, which is a good thing to do… I have seen pictures of Rebbas by shalash sudas taken after the zman.

    Maybe, this was no different, someone who did not except shabbos took the video.

  7. During My Second Deploymeny to Iraq , An official US Army Press crew came to where I was Conducting conducting services . Among the thing they wanted to observe was blowing shofar in Sadaam’s Palace . I politely but firmly told them they were welcome to stay and observe but no audio or video . They accepted what I said . It turned out that one of the crew was Jewish and I invited him to stay for davening which he did as did the rest of the crew . He told me that this was a most meaningful service that he had ever attended to include blowing shofar and its meaning . If oly a Jewish Chaplain would have been on board the ship , perhaps a video would not have occured as that does not relate to the mission which occured on Shabbos which was Pikuach Nefesh and warranted IDF action . I have been there and done it under fire on Shabbos . You must carry your wepon and ammo on Shabbos , but leave all your Mektza behind .

    Chaplain (Col Jacob Goldstein
    1st Mission Support Command
    Command Chaplain

  8. That a full crew of soldiers should be doing this is amazing – may we see the non religious in Israel continue to awaken to the beauty of Torah – and the ones who ask who took the video – may they begin to awaken to the beauty of Torah

  9. there are no atheists in a fox hole. perhaps there was chilul Shabbos but I agree with comments #21 and #19. let’s be don l’kaf z’chus. also, the person who made kidduah surely demonstrated that it was not the first time he had done so

  10. according to halakha it was forbidden to video them on shabbat and even if they accepted shabbat early which they didnt its shabat for the whole boat even those who dont want to

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