Video: Is This Why Obama Is Anti-Israel?


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  1. So is anyone going to ask the obvious….How did he get re-elected? Will anyone seriously investigate whether he took office the 2nd time through fraud?? Or will America continue to believe such a thing could not happen to their beloved electoral system?

  2. I am a little confused- Everyone knows that he admitted that he has Muslim family- when he says he is “one of them” he means one of those that have Muslim family. The rest of the stuff are for political reasons- he has quoted the Talmud too- there are many Muslims in this country and Americans were never at war with Islam- only Islamic Extremism

  3. of course!!! how can he go against his hamas muslim brothers? so now the USA supports terrorism cause no one can stop the president husane with his muslim terror brothers.

    only tefillos & teshuva to Hashem can save us now, start davening now before the USA goes against Israel…. cause it will happen as it says in Zecharia Hanavi (see for yourself) its just a question of time.

  4. I couldn’t listen to the whole thing either. Why is this man the President of the United States? Unbelievable!

  5. STUPID VIDEO! i dislike him but the filmaking and the footage is so spun and so twisted……if you want to get him for something make it legitamate….

  6. imagine if Barry Goldwater had won (halevai) in his time, people would say he was a secret Jew because of his Jewish ancestry – also halevai Obama actually were a Muslim instead of the follower of Jeremiah Wright which he actually is – Jeremiah Wright is much worse than all Muslims together


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