Video: ‘I Forgot He Was Black’: Chris Matthews Under Fire for Comment About Obama


chris-matthews[Video below.] MSNBC host Chris Matthews is under fire for commenting on air that President Obama has done so much to heal racial divides that “I forgot he was black” as he watched Obama’s first State of the Union address Wednesday night.

Matthews, who appeared on the cable network shortly after the speech, said of the president:

“I was trying to think about who he was tonight. And uh, it’s interesting. He is post-racial, by all appearances. You know, I forgot he was black tonight for an hour….

“I was watching, I said, ‘wait a minute!’ He’s an African-American guy in front of a bunch of other white people and there he is president of the United States and we’ve completely forgotten that tonight — completely forgotten it!”

Matthews’ remarks came as he was praising the president for working to heal racial divides and for delivering a State of the Union address that he described as “profound” and “so in tune with so many problems and aspects of American life.”

But the “I forgot he was black” remark quickly set the blogosphere on fire, as hundreds of viewers questioned the meaning and implications of Matthews’ words.

Brent Bozell, founder and president of the Media Research Center, a conservative media watchdog organization, said the remarks reveal a prejudice on Matthews’ part.

“What Chris Matthews is saying is that he doesn’t believe African-Americans are capable of giving speeches like that.”

He said Matthews’ remarks “show the absolute contradiction in the liberal argument on color. They purport to want a color-blind society, but are absolutely fixated on doing just the opposite. [Matthews] can’t see Barack Obama as being qualified, because he’s Barack Obama. He sees him through a lens of being black.”

An MSNBC spokeswoman did not reply to a request for comment.

Controversial remarks are not new to Matthews. The on-air host was roundly criticized for calling West Point cadets “the enemy camp” when Obama spoke at the U.S. Military Academy in December.

Matthews also was criticized for saying he “felt this thrill going up my leg” after listening to Obama speak during the presidential primary campaign.

Click below to watch the video:

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  1. in the full context there was NOTHING wrong with matthews statement. the limbaugh robots are jumping on it becuase out of context it seems racist. bottom line in context he was saying that Obama has transcended race, and there fore he forgot he was even black. he has risen above it and thats exactly what chris said. people (neocons) what to make the top story that chris mathews is a racist instead of talknig about everything else and all of the important issues.

  2. i dont know if he is racist or not but i think he eats too much of that new yeshivishe schita.maybe its time for some bodek salad.

  3. To #1

    Your blind hatred of conservatives is apparent in your hateful words.

    You are obviously unaware that the term “neocons” refers to the Jews in the Bush Administration. It is used by the extreme leftists to express their antisemitism, while being politically correct and not actually saying “Them Jews” like Obama’s pastor said.

    You have every right to disagree. But conservatives also have a right to disagree with you. But using the term “neocons” shows that either you’re an antisemite, or your simply uninformed.

  4. Re comment 5: normally I wouldn’t take comments from people who don’t know how to spell their names seriously but I say, let him stay on for the entertainment value. Or at least till we find out the answer to this: does he feel the thrill up his etc. more when he’s conscious the pres. is black or not.

  5. To #6:
    Wow, I feel humbled that you were machnia yourself towards my comment even though I can’t spell. Truly amazing! Me Keamcha Yisroel!


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