Video: Homeless Lakewood Man Receives Special Package from the San Francisco 49ers


A Lakewood, NJ, homeless man, Ron, who was paid to pour coffee on his head, received a care package from the San Francisco 49ers. So

After seeing Ron wearing his 49ers jacket in the dugout where he was residing in Lakewood, a member of the 49rs staff reached out to Rev. Steve Brigham to send Rov the special delivery.




  1. You can tell this is a set up. How did Ron know to open the door the second the knocking ended? Also, notice how the bed is made so nicely. All they gave him was a stinking jacket? Now they are abusing this guy just to make a YouTube video. Who’s next? What’s next?

  2. This is a great story. The sports profession should be called upon to support the homeless in all of our communities. Where does the money come from? Fans. The homeless can all wear their team logos and maybe the world will be a better place. Really, with all the good money that sports brings in, why do we even have a careless homeless problem in our society. One might think that the great mansions created by the sporting stars are minuscule compared to the idea that a homeless shelter could be set up and reasonable provision could be given.

    Seriously, why doesn’t anyone think of such an idea? I would think the town would look nicer with the homeless all wearing nice new clothing that was a minor investment from a mega-team that has too many fans.

    One would go to more games.

    Time and hope says this would work.

    Go 49ers.


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