Video: Harry Rothenberg On the Parsha


harry-rothenberg[Video below.] Attorney Harry Rothenberg offers a five-minute thought on the parshas hashovuah that is disseminated by Partners in Torah and Project Inspire. presents his weekly devar Torah here.

Click below to watch:

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  1. Lock yourself up with your boy and do some serious learning and give some serious mussar. For 3 months.

    It’s interesting that oso-ish ignored his parents right after his “bar-mitzvah” and put them down sarcastically when the panicked parents found him. Maybe the mitzvah was for him?

    I wonder how many boys indeed are “turned” after they turn 13, in those critical months. Just a little, subtle turn, practically undetectable (especially if one’s not searching for an indication of such).

    Well done, attorney. Yyasher kochacha.


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