Video: “Got Chicken” – Providing Staples for Those in Need


got-chicken[Video below.] With the current economic crisis at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it is only appropriate to shed light on some of the efforts that are currently underway to stem the tide of poverty among our fellow brethren. While those living in America are slowly feeling the change of the fiscal climate, the needy families of Eretz Yisroel can barely sense any change of their desperate economic situations. With their predicament so pitiful, many families have no choice but to rely on the generosity of others’ to make it from week to week.

Over the years, many organizations have taken the initiative and the responsibility to do something – anything – to relieve some of the pressure that these families feel on a daily basis. We take great pride in bringing to light an organization which is working hard targeting working class families who are on the brink of collapse. They deal with families who are slowly sinking into the dark abyss that is poverty, depression and emptiness. 

By working together with rabbanim and askanim of various neighborhoods they ensure that these unfortunate families are able to maintain their dignity and pride – by discreetly providing them with the basic staples of food for Shabbos and Yom Tov.

Check out a new music video written, composed and sung by Dani Kunstler, highlighting the efforts of “Got Chicken,” by clicking here.

{Elisha Newscenter}


  1. The Rambam says that there has never been a community without a kupas tzedaka. Hopefully the new kehilla members wont need tzedaka but I’m sure Eli and company will continue their efforts from there. Hatzlacha Raba!


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