Video: Glenn Beck Teary-Eyed As He Discusses Auschwitz, Calls Proposal to Ban Bris Milah “Evil”


glenn-beck1[Video below.] Noted talk show host Glenn Beck recently discussed his decision to visit Auschwitz, the concentration camp in Poland, and why we must not ignore the revival of anti-Semitism and hatred toward Jews that fueled the Holocaust.

Click below to watch:

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Click below for Beck’s strong comments regarding the proposal to ban circumcision:

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{Noam Newscenter}


  1. It’s a shame that so many Jewish organizations and groups have fallen for the liberal lie and propaganda besmirching Glenn Beck.

    Glenn Beck is a Conservative commentator, whose values are closer to orthodox Judaism than those of Charles Schummer, Mayor Bloomberg or Anthony Weiner. And yet some Jewish organizations ran Mr. Beck out of New York.

    What a shame! The Jews had a friend in Glenn Beck and the Liberals among us spit in his face. there will come a time when the right wing in this country comes back to power and they will assume all Jews are Liberal anti whites. We should be carefull who we align ourselves with.

    Good Yom Tov !

  2. Glenn:

    The Bible says “those who bless you I shall bless, those who curse you I shall curse”. You have continually spoken up for us, so you shall surely find blessing!

  3. may HASHEM bless Am yisrael with more friends like glenn beck and may we ALL be Zocheh to Greet Mashiach> Chag Sameach to All the Yidden around the world> Lets all get closer to Our Father In Heaven:)

  4. He is one of the chasdei umos haolam. What a pity that the liberal “Jews” hate those who are on our side. Glenn, we love you. I met him at a NJ pro-life event in May 2010 and it was my honor and my pleasure.

  5. Wow This Glenn Beck is amazing. What moving words. I wish I could listen to him on the radio. Chag Sameach to all!

  6. why can’t our people speak out the same way Glenn Beck is speaking? All those haters of the jewish peopole from Obama to all the multitudes of Moslems and Arabs who want to see us all dead.
    A righteous person like Glenn Beck has no shame in speaking to the public about what will conceiveably happen again Chas vshalom.
    Where are the leaders of the Jewish people and why isn’t any Jewish leader speaking to the public the way Glenn Beck is confronting the reality.
    Prayers will save us and we must also do Hishtadlus to make the world realize that we are entering a very frightening time and possibly a second holocaust Rachmana litzlan!!

  7. Spread the word: Glenn Beck is good for the Jews and tried to combat the evil that George Soros, the self hating Jew propagates through his control of the left wing media, progressive media sites. Wake up Jewish Democrats and vote Republican!


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