Video: Gilad Shalit Bentches Gomel for First Time Since His Release


gilad-shalit3[Video below.] Gilad Shalit recently bentched Gomel for the first time since being released following his lengthy incarceration at the hands of Palestinian terrorists. On Thursday, while wearing a yarmulka, he said the bracha of Hagomel lechayovim tovos shegemalani kol tov at a gathering that was held in the memory of Lt. Col. Emanuel Moreno, who was killed in the Second Lebanon War.

[Interestingly, Moreno served in such a sensitive position in the IDF that his picture has still not been released to the public.]

Among those who looked on as Shalit said the bracha with Sheim Umalchus was MK Naftali Bennett.

Click below to watch:

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{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. I’m so happy he was fi ally able to bring it all together! We davened so hard for hi
    #2, Halachist, you’re a fool! Remember the Gemorra about the churban haBayis? Shame on you!

  2. halachist, dont you think its beautiful that hes bentching gomel at all? do you have to mar this page with your comment? next time think then act.

  3. #6 I don’t know the halacha But you sound conservative. If you are not allowed to make it after three days than it is not beautiful that he is making it at all!

  4. lay off halachist…after all, what do you expect? he’s obviously a fool.
    This clip brought tears to my eyes. Shalit should have “kol tov” as should all of Klal Yisroel

  5. #3, icare, How can you call another human being a fool in 1 breath and in the very next quote a Gemorra ?

    We’re supposed to infuse our actions and speech with the learning we do and speak nicely to one another…..

  6. I remember with what mixed feelings many of us greeted the news of Gilad’s release, but speaking for myself, my gut reaction was joy, and hopes for Gilad to reintegrate well and have a meaningful future. I’m glad he seems to have had his privacy, and appreciate beautiful news like this.

    (Imagine if for just one day all the comments on sites like these would be as positive, or as gently worded as possible….)

  7. I checked up the Halacha in the Mishna Berurah (219:6) It is better to say it within three days, but there is no limit. May we all merit to start learning the good old mishna berurah.


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