Video: Four-Legged Chicken Born in Yerushalayim Sparks Major Kashrus Shailah


chicken-yoel-krause[Video below.] A four-legged chicken born in a Yerushalayim shlachthois has started a halachic debate regarding its kashrus status.

The bird, hatched in the neighborhood of Meah Shearim, has drawn crowds of curious onlookers to the shlachthois.

The twelve-toed chicken has awaited its fate in a cage on the floor of the Krause family’s shlachthois, waiting for a psak regarding whether it is a kosher brid.

“I’ve seen three [feet] twice. Four is a little strange,” said Reb Yoel Krause, who owns the bird.

If the legs are tied together, according to halacha, the chicken is not kosher. This, said Reb Yoel, can only be determined by shechting the animal.

“I don’t know. For now we will give it to the rabbonim to check if it is kosher or not. If it’s kosher, we will shecht it. If not, we will see what to do,” Reb Yoel said.

The chicken may survive if Reb Yoel decides to go ahead with his plan and sell the chicken to the highest bidder.

Click below for a video of the four-legged chicken:

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{Yair Israel}


  1. Sure no one needs to eat it, thats not what Torah is about, Torah is about studying and understanding the halacha in crazy cases like this one. So many times we come across examples in the gemara whereby the example given as a nafka minah is absolutely impossible. Thats the greatness of Torah.


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