Video: Fiveish Attacked – For Real – in Yerushalayim


fiveish-attacked[Video below.] Fiveish, the renowned mascot of the Oorah organization, is in Eretz Yisroel this week, but things turned a bit sour, as the five dollar bill was attacked. spoke with a member of the Oorah staff who is in Yerushalayim with Fiveish and he confirmed that the incident was not staged.

“We were taking some video of Fiveish dancing and singing Al Hanissim and, all of a sudden, some guys went nuts. They didn’t even let us walk away when we tried.”

Fiveish and the rest of the Oorah group were near Manny’s Seforim Store in Meah Shearim when the harassment began.

“They chased down Fiveish and tried to set him on fire,” was told by the Oorah staff member. “When the fire didn’t catch on, they ripped off the costume and tried burning and cutting it up.”

Yerushalayim police arrived at the scene to try to break up the scuffle.

It is still not clear what was deemed problematic about Fiveish in the eyes of those who attacked the innocuous mascot.

“I reiterate that this was not a set-up,” the staff member told us. “We are quite disturbed by what happened.”

Click below to watch a video of the incident:

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{Shmiel Israel}


  1. Our dirah is not too far from there. We couldn’t believe what was going on. I asked one of the meshgaim, “What’s your problem? Don’t you realize this is all in good spirit? Don’t you realize this is a mascot of a famous kiruv organization?” The guy just yelled without explaining, saying “It doesn’t belong here.”

    What a shame. We all thought it was cute.

  2. I luv Fiveish because he is all about learning Torah and being besimcha!~ what can be better?

    I happen to know Fiveish personally and he is a huge masmid and boki, and he mamesh is molei vegadish.

  3. Even though I have critized Oorah’s methods in the past, this is totaly outrageous! These “sikrikim” have to be beaten to a pulp! These low life thugs must have their bones broken & left for dead, just like their coward leader had happen to him! You can’t allow these terrorist’s to intimidate the nieghborhood!

  4. We have to daven for people like this… what a shame. Whats even worse is that they think they are doing the right thing! a real shame.

  5. this is what you get when you are tottaly closed of from the real world they cannot understand others and they react to what they perceive as evil this is truly a big tragedy in our midst to not grasp anything about how the real world operates , the hate they have for others not like them blind them to reason

  6. Fiveish is an embarrassment to klal yisroel. The Jews are already stereotyped as money worshippers, and when everyone’s car is festooned with a cartoon dollar bill and Hebrew words on it, yes it sends a message to the goyim. We’re in golus. Fiveish needs to be retired.

  7. Korach and his people also thought they were fighting for what is right until they went down under! This behavior of those fighters is terribly dangerous physically and spiritually!

  8. I keep telling Americans: stop visiting Meah Shearim when you’re in Eretz Yisroel.

    While most people who live there are wonderful, the whole neighborhood is under the thumb of the sikrikim. Most businesses pay protection money. Manny’s just recently had to get rid of some books that the extremist thugs objected to.

    The whole system is dependent on American frum tourists spending money at seforim stores and souvenir shops. When we stop visiting, the residents might decide to put there foot down. As is, the neighborhood is intolerable and anyone who spends money there is putting money in the sikrikim’s pockets.

  9. #22 I agree completely about the image thios portrays to everyone who doesn’t get Oorah catalogs. We HAVE to be mindful that we are in golus, being judged by HK”BH with goyim as a tool for punishment, and are tasked with being a light unto the goyim. Having animated cartoon money, cucumbers, fat uncles with stained shirts with a cut-out letter on their hat is extremely tacky and should be seen as demeaning to what our stature SHOULD be.
    #26, what does that mean? Thank you.

  10. And they are 1000% correct! We are so absorbed in our American gashmiusdig mentality that we have no grasp what it means to be Kadosh. I agree that they had no right to get violent, however this feivish business doesnt belong on the holy streets of Meah Shearim.

    To #7
    Kiruv you say? You cant do what you want in the “name” of kiruv.

  11. To be fair, the yerushalmi yidden who started on ‘fiveish’ probably had no idea he was part of a kiruv scheme and thought it was some clown acting up in the middle of their streets. Note that this was not up by kikar shabbos where the americans hang out, but further down nearer ‘proper’ Mea Shearim where tv characters and suchlike are not accepted.



  13. The people who got angry are actually right.
    Dressing up in the middle of a religious neighborhood is ridiculous. It’s not purim. Even more: It is the westernization aspect that they are against and they are 100% right. It is a breach in tznius and normalcy.

    Now….what they should have done about it is another discussion – but I, for one – and I am sure there are many like minded individuals out there – am tired of Oorah doing everything under the sun in the name of “kiruv” and “tzedaka” to the point where most of the young responders here probably don’t even realize.

    Fiveish and his friends should be ashamed of themselves.

  14. Do you guys really believe this was not a set-up, c’mon guys it’s all a publicity stunt, so of course the Oorah guys will deny that it is a spoof!
    It may be almost Chanuka, but that doesn’t mean Purim is not around the corner!!!
    Well done Feivish, well done Oorah, you fooled them all!!!

  15. I think real Jews sick of the bullying should go down to beat the living daylights out of these chaleras so they know what hurting people gets them

  16. #40 Yitz, who let the dogs out? Next time good old fashioned American baseball bats should be polished upon their hate filled violent bodies.


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