Video: Dov Lipman Knows Better Than the Gedolim


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  1. what a bunch of baloney!!!!!no ultra-orthodox man on the street would talk to this man except to curse him!even his yeshiva has disowned him. what an “uncle tom”yuck,yuck,yuck!!!!we’ve been fighting this and will continue to fight it.if they want haredim to work why didn’t they pass the law forbidding discrimination against haredim in employment?its all subterfuge -they want to destroy yiddishkeit in eretz yisrael!

  2. What a shame how Mr.Lipman hasn’t gotten a clue or Torah values to understand what this is all about. He has a lot to learn and behind closed doors he may be referring to the modern orthodox but not to Klal Yisroels true leaders. Shameful disgraceful and he’s BE”H going to be pleasantly surprised

  3. This is nothing new. Acher was a tremendous Talmid Chacham & very articulate but yet he forfeited his Olam Haba! Yushka was also a big Talmud Chacham and very articulate and we know what Chazal say about him! Shabtai Tzvi the same! The list goes on and on… Its really a shame that Dovy learnt in a normal Yeshiva but yet went off because of treiffa kefira hashkafos! I hope he returns before its to late.

  4. #5, I can understand how believing something can make someone a Rasha if they deny one of the yud gimmel middos or something like that, but where does Dov Lipman indicate that?

  5. He is really a terrible individual. We can only hope he will receive his just desserts soon.

    I used to think he is stupid, reading some of his articles. He is not stupid, he is krum and evil.

  6. one point Mr Lipman- if you see such a huge crowd, that itself entails that they are entitled to an opinion!(even if it differs from yours) Is that not one of the liberals basic tenets?

  7. How can Lipman wear a yarmulke on his head and have the audacity to disagree with ALL the Torah Giants of our generation??!! Chazal say if you don’t believe in Gedolei Yisroel its the same as you don’t believe in Aseres Hadibros which makes MK Lipman an absolute Apikorus although he learned in Ner Yisroel (in fact his gehenom will be a lot bigger then his boss MK Lapid for he learned in a yeshiva and knows the truth what the Torah demands of us!!

    Lipman, Do tshuva you don’t have much time left…

  8. Protecting elite Torah scholars -who defines that? Why if there is a difference between the public and private face of Gedoli Yisrael would there be a united front for a mass protest in prayer? Such an assertion casts the Rabbinic leadership as psychotic manipulators exploiting their students! Anyone who spoken to a Gadol KNOWS that is not the case part of being a leader is love and dedication to the community.
    MK Rabbi Lipman is what the communists called a useful idiot. His presence in Yesh Atitid is like lehavdil the Neturei Karta folks marching with Terrorists or their supportors
    Nebach Dov Nebach

  9. Does he realize how much learning contributes to society? May we all find the motivation to internalize our learning on a deeper level so that we can pray with that developed understanding to Hashem that Dov Lipman be given insight into the value to society that those learning provide. May Hashem protect us from arrogance!

  10. This guy is a real apikores. and that is why it is not loshon hara to speak about him in such a way. I didn’t know such ppl still existed. especially the type who look frum. Here starts the downfall of the State of Israel because they will not have the hatzlacha they had until now from all the Torah learning that held up the place.

  11. Hashem Yiracheim!!! we, in America do not realize how serious this is… These are our own people trying to destroy us..its terrible, HASHEM!! ENOUGH!! we NEED Moshiach!!!

  12. okay is something terribly, horribly wrong with me if I don’t find all that he just said to be complete krumkeit and rish’us?

  13. You’re a rasha Mr Lipman, how dare u call yourself a rabbi?? The very fact that you’re part of Lapids party….the most anti Semitic self hating jews in the world proves how utterly stupid you are. how dare you even have the audacity to even voice any opinion about what our Gedolim said. And NO none of us Charedim believe what you said. I’m not mekaneh your portion in the world to come, and daven you do teshuvah soon.

  14. Hey Lipman, what are YOU doing to solve the Shidduch crises?
    Also, when are you getting a haircut? Your chup looks pretty big in the video.
    Now back to my chips!

  15. Check this out:

    “Let’s take a step back and see where the average yeshiva high school boy stands upon graduation from high school. … Can he prepare a Gemara on his own? No. Does he enjoy studying Gemara? No. … Does he enjoy davening? No. Does he understand basic Jewish philosophy about God, the purpose of creation, and why we do the things we do? No. Does he stand head and shoulders above the rest of society in terms of his dedication to acts of loving-kindness and basic human decency? No.
    Dov Lipman, The Jewish Press, August 1, 2012

  16. We don’t need to hear apostasy propagated on a website which shields us from the negative aspects of the secular media. Dov Lipman is presenting a secular viewpoint, and his articulation can be persuasive to the uninformed listener. His guise of being Chareidi is a lie and a misnomer, and nobody from the Torah world should be exposed to his heresy. The gedolim have made it clear that we follow our leaders, not a misguided condescending pontificator who believes that he knows what’s best for the Jewish People. I pray that his descendants do not fall into Jewish oblivion as did the descendants of Moses Mendelssohn.

  17. We don’t have elite Torah scholars. Every person is mechuyav in Talmud Torah regardless of IQ or ability.
    who made up this nonsense about elite scholars?

  18. The Hashkala movement was also begun by someone who outwardly appeared religious. None of his children remained Jewish. Lippman will follow accordingly.

  19. The people submitting such evil comments against rabbi lipman are themselves violating torah precepts. I do not understand why they think it ok to disrespect one rav Very sad

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