Video: Devastation in Sea Gate, Yossi Green On Verge of Tears


sea-gate-yossi-green[Video below.] Videographer Aryeh Gelbard, this past Sunday, joined hundreds of volunteers from Flatbush, Boro Park, Lakewood, Baltimore and elsewhere to assist in the post-Hurricane Sandy cleanup effort in Sea Gate, Brooklyn.

315 mishpachos are homeless.

Among those shown below is noted composer Yossi Green, a resident of Sea Gate, who describes the devastation and destruction.

Together with his working boots and gloves, Aryeh brought his camera. Here’s what he saw:

Click below to watch:

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  1. Wow.what an inspiring video. Thank you Mr. Gelbard. Who knows how much money will be given because of your did a gr8 job.
    On a side note- Yossi Green said it best .chesed will bring the geula. I feel that the chesed shown these past 2 weeks is something Klal yisroel has not seen in a long time.

  2. Who do we call to make a donation?
    Thank u for the inspiring video. B”H we will soon build our houses in Israel im mashiah with as much ahavat israel and chessed

  3. Is it possible for matzav to post this video, by their “today’s featured video” section, since my internet is blocked from watching videos linked to any other site? I would really appreciate it!

  4. Mr. Gelbard is such a professional in making videos!! He is used by many yeshivos and organizations to make a video for their dinners or fundraisers. This video is only a drop in the bucket of what the orthodox community as a whole is suffering now.

  5. Rav Reuven Feinstein Shlit”a said that HKB”H wants to awaken us and let us know that life cannot be as it was before as if nothing had happened. He added that we should strengthen ourselves with Torah learning of a practical nature – ????? ????? ????? ?????? – not just learning for the sake of learning. He also added that in order to raise Talmidei Hachamim, we need to be stronger in learning Beki’ut.

  6. The Rabbonim of 3 of the largest shuls in Baltimore, Shomrei Emunah, Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion and Suburban Orthodox personally led their members to Seagate to help the community. They showed by example. A second trip this past Sunday had four busloads of volunteers from Baltimore to h elp Seagate.

  7. it doesn’t shock me to watch this video & see such tragic hirricanes happening to klal yisroel.

    sometimes we Leave Hashem with no choice R”L
    if hurricane sandy & many other tragedies that are occuring that i read ON MATZAV website, doesn’t wake us up to teshuva & achdus, then we are just causing more tzaros upon us

    do you think Hashem likes to cause us pain? hashem loves klal yisroel no matter how bad a nation we become/are Chas v’shalom. but sometimes we leave Hashem no choice

    WE DO HAVE A CHOICE. we can save ourselves now from the future tzros in store for us if we don’t change our ways towards teshuva & return to Hashem & eretz yisroel

    THE CHOICE is ours & only our fault if more tzaros happens chas v’shalom

  8. We in Israel are sad with you and mourn your loss.
    Reb Green can we get some helpers to come down south to Sderot, Netivot, Ofakim to help with our rebuilding, cleaning out and power outs after the rockets hit our schools, businesses, stores and private homes? Do you know how many are HOMELESS down south, living with friends, relatives or in parks? Let us open hearts and emphaty to embrace those in difficult, heart rendering situations 24/7…..

  9. Wow what an emotional and inspiring video, thank you Mr, Gelbard for showing klal yisroel a tip of the iceburg of whats going on literally next door to us. Me keamchai yisroel with so many hundred volunteers helping makes me so proud to be a jew . May we all be zoche to see moshiachbemhaira beyomainu.

  10. How come I don’t see any of the rich from elsewhere helping out? They have MONSTER MANSION’S! Why aren’t they hosting any families?!

  11. #23

    Come to Brooklyn, Monsey and Staten Island and you will see & visit families housed in MONSTER MANSION’s in these communities. What is wrong with you?


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